Thursday, November 12, 2009


Eliana got up screaming at 5:30am this morning and went back to sleep finally at 6:30, only to be up every hour screaming until 9:30. I tried a couple times to put down for a nap today and finally thought I had gotten her down at 3:15 only to have to her wake up 20 minutes later. I know she is exhausted. She looks like a zombie and has red puffy eyes, but she won't sleep. The culprit? 3 huge molars cutting through. Poor baby. I need a break! I was hoping to vaccuum and start baking for the bake sale counter at Moms and More Bazaar this weekend, but it'll have to wait until tonight, when hopefully she will finally sleep. I am so worn out.

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  1. have you tried hylands teething tablets? It's homeopathy and you can buy it over the counter :-)