Monday, November 2, 2009


Well, I spent the weekend trying to get over this nasty cold that I've heard many people have also had. Feeling lots better just now battling the mighty phlegm. I really think it should be humanly impossible to be sick once you're a mom. It's just not fair! I mean, to have to be mentally and physically present for a child/children when all you want to do is crawl in bed for 3 days is SO hard. I emphathize with all that are sick, but mostly for the moms! :) Sort of kidding, but honestly, I never knew how hard it was to be sick and take care of a kid until I had my own and inevitably got sick. So take care of yourselves moms, we need you!

My awesome DH really blessed me this weekend with a multitude of chores that he did. Eliana and I spent a night at my mom's so Craig could shampoo our carpets. I like this to be a yearly chore. Even with vacuuming several times a week, things just get gross. Also, now that we don't have a pet anymore (see 'Goodbye Maxie), I wanted a fresh start. So, I came home to beautifully clean carpets, a clean smelling house, clean dishes, freshly washed and made sheets and duvet.....and he even unpacked my suitcase (which is my most dreaded chore after a trip). I felt SO happy and blessed. I told him that him doing all that for me is better than a new Coach purse, to which he chuckled, but I meant it. I value a clean home and his participation in getting it and keeping it clean. I love my clean floors! Now if only my nose wasn't stuffed up and I could smell my clean sheets, that would be heaven :)

Ok, so something I heard today got me thinking.I would like tell what happened and ask your opionions; keep in mind that I am purposely being provocitive in my viewpoints as I want to see what your reactions are (this may just come across as judgemental, we'll see). A woman with a young child and a one month old baby was asked how long of leave she would take from work. Her response was, "well I can take three months but I might go back earlier. I want my freedom back. Drop off the kids and hello, I get my time back!"
Do you identify with that, have you felt that? Or are you like me and shocked (and maybe more saddened) that someone would have kids only to just as quickly drop them on someone else without a care in the world. I wanted to say to her, "why did you have kids?" That probably sounds so harsh, but I think her viewpoint on children and childcare is so polar opposite of mine. It goes against my being to think of dropping kids off on someone else when there is a perfectly good mother available to raise them (and who doesn't really need the money the job provides). I do agree that mothers need a break, although often there is none. I do think that some time away from our children can help us love them more. Yet I don't understand having just birthed a child and then within weeks already wanting to be rid of them. What do you think???


  1. I think it's a bit harsh to use words like "get rid of them". I'm not a mom yet but definitely struggle with determining how much time I want to take off. I do know (right now) that I want to work and have a career and contribute myself both to our economy and society through the workforce. To do that effectively there is a bit of a tug-of-war between wanting to raise my child on a daily basis and also continue to evolve myself professionally. WRT her specific wording I think she's actually saying it is tough being a SAHM and giving up yourself fully for your kids. To me that's being honest it's not saying you don't want to be a mom.

  2. That sounds similar to what a pediatrician said she's dealing with. She loves her job and feels like so much of her identity is in her being a doctor (and what a great profession!), but yet also wants to raise her child, too. I was offered promotions even into my 3rd trimester and so I struggled with that urge to proceed and move on professionally, yet ultimately my desire to be home won out. It is tough work to be wholly available to kids and do that 24 hours a day. But once that child is in your arms, you world is flipped upside down and I couldn't see life any other way. You are a very intelligent woman and I respect your feedback Mariena, thank you!