Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is my name Diane?

Ok, so I have a random thought, or actually more a random vent about an ongoing issue. For some reason, it really bothers me when people call me Diane. It's not my name quite frankly. There is an 'a' at the end of my name. I wonder if Princess Di ever dealt with this. Just yesterday I registered on a website and got a welcome email this morning addressed to 'Diane'. That means the person was literally looking at my name and still typed it wrong. Weird! I would rather you call me D or Di than Diane. This issue dates back to 2nd grade honestly. I was in kids choir and it was always, "Diane, please come up for your solo". My little 2nd grade buddies would chime in "It's Diana!!!"
I realize I may over react to this, but how would you feel if your name was constantly butchered even though it's one of the easiest names ever?
I once had a boss call me Diane for 4 months, despite being told she was wrong. Um, seriously? Yes! I've received work and church schedules with my name spelled wrong and people say it wrong to my face. I will literally say, "hi, I'm Diana, nice to meet you", and 2 minutes later that person will refer to me as Diane. What gives?
I'm sure my parents had no idea that such an easy name would be said and written wrong all the time. Argh!

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