Thursday, November 5, 2009

Toddlers and Tiara's?

I had the fun opportunity yesterday to take my beautiful daughter to her first modeling gig :)
About a month ago I responded to a casting call for baby models; sent in Eliana's measurements and some photo's. I got an email that they had filled their spots and thank you anyway. Boohoo. Well, I got another email a few days ago asking if we'd be open to coming in this week. I was super nervous, just hoping she'd do a good job and not throw a fit being put in new clothes in front of new people. I tried to find someone to go with us that Elly knows pretty well but everyone was busy. So, off we went to Baby Beau and Belle ( )in Gig Harbor, WA. The office was at their warehouse that was filled with hundreds of amazing baby clothes. The clothing is handmade in Bellevue and designed by a mother of three in Gig Harbor. Our photographer, Ethan, was kind and soft spoken and Elly eventually warmed up to him. We did two full outfits that included headband, bonnett, booties, gown, bib, and blanket. The dresses were like baby wedding gowns. Really amazing with lots of detail. I think Eliana did really well mostly. She was pretty clingy at first which is to be expected in a new environment. She did warm up to the people towards the end but by then was getting tired and hungry. She passed out in the car on the way home. Lots of energy for that 2 hours; look here, watch the birdie, hey Elly, peek-a-boo!
If they give us the opportunity to do it again, I would love to. Here's a link to the first outfit; .
Made me proud of my beautiful, sweet baby watching her get her pictures taken. Who knows what the future holds for her and our family. I've been adding to our nightime prayers for God to "prepare her for the amazing future he has planned for her". I want to be the kind of mom that encourages (and gently push if needed) my child towards her dreams and the talents that God has given her. I think the TLC series Toddlers and Tiaras gives us a view of what we absolutely don't want for Eliana, but the modeling shoot we did was great. No makeup or anything weird, just all natural, sweet baby. I guess I just want to be open to what the future holds. If she wants to play soccer and dig in the dirt or play dolls and sing........whatever her dreams are I think it's my job to encourage her and provide the resources I can. I also hope that I don't try to live out my never achieved dreams of musical diva-dom vicariously through my children. She seems musically inclined as she's been humming and singing since she was a few months old (it's how she used to put herself to sleep in the car), but we'll see.
I just think she is the most precious and amazing little person ever. She has such a tender, gentle spirit and I really appreciate that about her. I'm pretty much just so in love with my sweet baby :)

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