Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Boobs' are feeling better;Making mommy friends;Bad chicken;Baby Model

Ok, so I'm now starting day 4 of trying to get my milk to dry up. The pain is getting much better. I think day 2 was the worst. Everything, and I do mean everything, hurt! It hurt just to pick Eliana up! I was getting scared about how long that pain would last. I took prescription strength Ibuprofin which probably helped a little, but like most things it just takes time. I did do the cabbage trick for a little while, but they just don't stay cold very long inside a bra so the relief is short lived. What actually felt better was standing with the freezer door open! haha
I'm getting used to not nursing or pumping and it's actually kind of nice :) And not wearing an ugly nursing bra is nice, too. I know you will say that they do make cute/sexy nursing bras, but that is absolutely false if your milk twins reach the gargantuan size mine did (that would be an I cup, did you know that existed?). We'll see how much they deflate after the milk is all dried up. Part of me hopes a lot so they'll get much smaller and then the other part of me hopes not much since I'd rather not be able to tuck them into my belt. Getting the picture? haha
Yesterday Eliana got her flu booster and the H1N1. She took them like a champ, I was so proud! No screams, just a sad little cry that seemed to say, "How could you? That was so mean!" After that we went to a cookie exchange with 3 other mom's and their kiddo's and had a great time. Relationships don't just happen out of thin air, it really takes effort and being intentional about it. So althought I am normal and like everyone else get an invite and think about the effort of packing up all the kids stuff and will it fit into the day, just gotta do it! I learn so much from being around other mommy's that love their family and love God, it's a worthwhile investment of my time and resources to be around them. Do you have a best friend, do you have a group of people that challenge, encourage, and grow you? We all need these kind of people in our lives. My best friends are friends I made years ago. They are the kind of people that never judge me and that love me unconditionally. It seems in each stage of life I make new friends and some people are friends for a season and some are friends for life. My new mommy friends have been wonderful and I'm sure that many of them I will be friends with for years and years to come. It's completely worth the effort and willingness to be vulnerable to open up to these new women :) Plus it's not entirely fair to call my friends with no children blabbering about how Eliana won't poop or what kind of rash there is or how she hates brushing her teeth.......but my mommy friends totally get it and empathize!
On a side note, during the first week of Eliana's nursing strike (see previous 'Strike' blogs) I found myself eating more Dove milk chocolate caramels than any person should (and I know, not good for someone with PCOS!).......and the particular bag I bought had encouraging things inside the wrapper. I wanted to share 3 of them that really seemed to fit for the occasion:
Don't take it personal.
You are that Superwoman, so enjoy!
Compromise is a sign on strength, no weakness.

I realize those could fit most situations, but they were very fitting for me life. It was extremely hard not to take the strike personal, I sure didn't feel like a superwoman when my baby kept rejecting me, and eventually I did have to compromise and realize that it might be the end of nursing for us. I just thought it was funny that I actually got something out of messages in chocolate!

Last night I made rosemary garlic chicken (again), hoping it wouldn't taste like a salt-lick like last time. I had assumed it was salty because I didn't measure (I usually don't measure) I made it again hoping for better results and this time used the tsp measurer. Well, I gotta tell you, it was pretty much just as salty! I don't know what the heck is going on. The rosemary, garlic, and sherry flavors are yummy but totally overpowered by salt. I'm beginning to think the recipe has a typo (it calls for 1 tsp salt) and I even used low sodium chicken broth. Not sure whether to try it again or just invent my own rosemary/sherry reduction chicken recipe.

Oh, and yesterday I got the CD from Eliana's modeling shoot in November with Baby Beau and Belle ( and ) and the photo's are so darling. There are nearly 300, so I'm super greatful for the opportunity and the beautiful free pictures. You can see her on , just type in ella or joli in the search bar. Currently she is on the homepage :) I feel like one of those crazy pageant moms...I'm just so proud that she is my daughter!


  1. Diana-- would you email me your chicken recipe and we'll see if we can make it edible!


  2. I enjoy all your posts, but this one was extremely well done! Love,Mom