Friday, December 18, 2009

Inspiring Mommy Group

Eliana and I had Moms & More today (our mommy group). We always enjoy it but today it felt particularly inspired.
Here's a few highlights:
One of my table leaders shared with us about Stormie O'Martin's book, "The Power of a Praying Wife". It was so insightful and really got us thinking about praying for our husbands and just praying for everything in general. Some of what she talked about was how when something happens we often go to prayer as our number 3 (or 4 or 5, etc) line of defense. We wear ourselves trying to fix the problem when we could just pray about it first and save ourselves so much stress! Today on the drive to M&M's I found myself feeling a little anxiety about the weather and some crazy drivers. I immediately took it to the Lord in prayer and just found myself praying the whole way. All the little things that were bugging me or worrying me I released to the Lord. I want prayer to be a habit in my life, not a last resort. I really think that the reason why I was able to have peace and move on from Eliana's sickness and nursing strike was from praying (and those praying for me). Nothing I did in my human power made a difference, but giving the control to God and realizing I don't have control anyway....made all the difference.
Another mentor mom commented how she was feeling a little bummed about Christmas and the economy and just everything I think we're all feeling this year. She had her tree out and was not exactly excited to decorate it. Then she pulled out an ornament that her child had made years ago and she realized that the ornaments are a collection of her life and memories and she gets to display them on the tree. Much like how Jesus was displayed on tree for us. Both the Christmas tree and the cross that Jesus died on were dead. Both trees had pieces of us stuck to them. Our Christmas trees hopefully have happy memories in the ornaments. But Jesus took all of our sin and shortcomings to the cross for us. I think this is an incredible parellel and we were all blown away. I had never thought of it like this! The tree is not just for putting presents under but it's a collage of our life displayed. I hope that every year as I put my tree up I can remember this and think of Jesus on the tree for me and take time to be grateful (I feel like I didn't explain that very well, but it's past midnight, so forgive me. I hope it sorta made sense!)
Pastor Tom also shared a great story from us from "Searching for God Knows What." Very thought provoking. We were all chuckling during the story but then in the end it was brought home and there was silence. We were all busy thinking! The main point was about how people may view or see God because of what they see in the world, on tv, in stories, or God forbid, in us. Do we turn people off to wanting to know God?
As you can see there was just much to absorb this morning. Wow!

Ok, subject change. I made Tawny port/marionberry cornish hens and bacon and parsley green beans for dinner. Both out of my new Taste of Home Magazine (which I totally love). Well, the green beans were actually supposed to be with mushrooms but I didn't have any so I subbed bacon :) The port sauce was easy to make and tasted great. But I fell a bit short on the cooking of the hens. I think I didn't thaw them all the way first so the cooking time took like 2x as long as it should have. The first time I brought it out the meat thermometer said it was done so we served it and took a bite and yikes! Not cooked all the way! So, back in the oven it went but understandably we were pretty leary after that. The green beans were absolutely yummy. Super easy, too, only took me maybe 5 minutes. Cooked up chopped bacon in olive oil and butter (Hey Paula Deen, I am listening!), then added chopped parsley, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dry bread crumbs. Then you add the cooked green beans ( I prefer the organic ones from Costco) and top with grated Romano. Delish!

My brain is fuzzy...better stop writing :)
Oh, and thank you so much to all my readers! I read every comment and I love the feedback. Thank you!

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  1. The Lord has blessed us in our group. I felt he was at work yesterday, not a one of us walked away empty handed!!! I know God planned what Deanna shared for many of us but, with what I had just gone through the night before. That message was for me, my heart & me!!! : )

    I am so happy that even if our group is small it is overabundent in love, suprot, and growth! I am so glad you ended up coming to our group.
    Merry Christmas Dianna, God bless you and your family.