Thursday, December 31, 2009

My new regimen...wowza!

So, the last few weeks Craig has been commenting how he is always exhausted and fatigued. He literally passes out on the couch or chair by 8:30pm each night. Even on nights where he gets as much sleep as me or more he is exhausted about 5 hours before me. It's been an ongoing problem and we haven't known what to do about it. He got the bike trainer he wanted for Christmas from my parents so he has started riding his bike again in the mornings and I know that will help, but we also want to do more. Messing around on Google today and looking into energy and metabolism we came up with all these supplements that are supposed to help with many of our issues. Craig is dealing with weight issues, lack of energy, getting sick frequently, and always being tired. I am dealing with insulin resistance, trying to get pregnant, and weight issues. I will say that in trying to conceive Eliana I did lose about 20lbs and we waited for 6 months before trying any fertility medication. I cut out nearly all carbs, especially refined and ate no junk food at all. Unfortunately I still did not have a period or ovulate even with that weight loss. Then I got on Provera and Clomid and conceived within 6 months. I seem to have a more intense version of PCOS than the woman that still occasionally ovulate since I NEVER ovulate (on my own). Boohoo! I'm not giving up on the journey to better health though!

So, last night we made a list of all the specific foods that are good for metabolism and weight loss which include:
almonds (decided against these since it would be way too tempting to eat about 10 times the recommended daily amount :) )
And we took a trip to Fred Meyer to make sure we had all of them. But, before that we took a little jaunt to Super Supplements in East Bremerton. We met Rafael who was SO helpful and knowledgable. He just moved here from Olympia where he was the supplement director for an organic food co-op. His wife is also in nutritional medicine so that helps with the knowledge, too. Everything he said really lined up with what we've been reading and he even gave us some print outs about dosing and what foods contain the supplements naturally.
This is what our new regimen will include:
Super Enzymes-digestive enzymes help break down fats, carbs, and protein in the foods we eat.
L-Carnitine- Transports fatty acids so that your body uses up fat for energy.
Alpha-Lipoic Acid- Useful in the treatment of diabetes and insulin issues.
CoQ10-Facilitates the transformation of fats and sugars into energy.
Hi Potency B Complex- Supports energy and nerve function.
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (2 tsp mixed in 8 oz water, didn't taste too bad)- Numerous benefits but namely in making the body's pH at a more natural state.
Vitamin D- Numerous benefits including calcium balance and boosted immunity.
Fiber Tabs-These are for Craig, I definitely don't need 'em :)
Men's one a day Multi-vitamin for Craig.
Pre-natal vitamins for me since I'm trying to get pregnant again.

Wowza! We've never done anything like this before but we just kind of came to the point where it's like, wow, we need to do something. For instance, looking online today I came across tons of articles about the use of Grapefruit and Grapefruit juice in weight loss and helping insulin issues (and it also thins the cervical mucus to aid in conceiving!). I have never heard that from a doctor before! Also supposed to help with weight and insulin are curry and cinnamon. How interesting, huh? I mean, why just go straight to prescriptions if there is a possibility that something totally natural can make a difference in my health. Don't get me wrong, I am a total advocate for physicians and I don't believe I would have my sweet daughter if it wasn't for the wonders of medicine.....I'm just saying let's think outside the pharmaceutical box for a minute. So, I am still obviously going to be taking the 2 fertility medications I just got and the Metformin which is for blood sugar problems, but I also will be taking these natural supplements. I told Craig I think we should give it at least 2 weeks to see if we notice a difference at all. We also need to get in the habit of taking all this stuff. I gotta say though, I was really amazed at all the supplements and things available to naturally help pretty much any problem out there. So, if this sounds interesting to you at all, go talk to Rafael! :) Also, Super Supplements has awesome prices.

I know I've never blogged about supplements before so bear with me. This is definitely a new phase for me and I never pictured myself going this route, but at this point natural sounds really good to me, as much I can anyway. And I'm also sick of Craig always being tired. As I type he is snoring on the couch :) I told Craig earlier that for the price of a simple office visit to a Dr (not even including any tests or medications) we got a whole bag full of supplements, so it sure is worth a shot. If this takes care of some of our issues then we've just saved a bundle.
Here's a picture of our newly filled 2x a day one week pill holders (blue is Craig's, white is mine) :

We'll see how this goes, I guess it's our New Year's resolution. Happy New Years!!!

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  1. Sounds like a plan! I know that when Josh & I started to talk & try for Alivia it was a know go! We tried for at least two years and NOTHING. I was getting so frustrated becuase with the other 3 all we had to do was look at each other and wham.... it would happen. So what was going on??? I had to finnaly give it over to the Lord and except that 3 was fine and we were happy with the family we had, we didn't need the stress of trying and I had become so wraped up in concieving I was becoming depressed.
    Once I decide to start living my life for the good of my health and happiness things all changed. I started going to the gym 3 times a week, cut out all pop and most sugar from my diet! Then one day 20lbs lighter, POOF pregos!!! : ) I know you are doint the right thing and you will get the resualts you desire!! Happy New year, God bless you three.