Sunday, December 13, 2009

Warning: I say the word boobs in this blog :)

Watched Julie and Julia last night, wondered how many people started a blog after watching it. I said to Craig, "you know I already had mine before this, right? " haha. The meals looked amazing, makes me want to make that beef meal in the pot with the wine.......can't remember it's name.

I am on day one of trying to wean myself. I know that sounds weird but it's essentially what I'm doing since Eliana has already weaned herself. It's just my poor huge, full of milk boobs that need to be weaned. I only pumped 3 times yesterday for a few minutes each time and still got 15oz. I haven't pumped since 9ish last night. I am full! I read lots of blogs and websites and of course read all sorts of different advice. The one consensus I did find was NOT to bind. Apparently that often causes mastitis (infection of the breasts, very very painful) or a clogged duct (again, very painful). Both of which I don't want, so no binding. The other advice I came upon many times from mommy blogs and medical professionals was.......cabbage leaves :) Seems weird, but it's also very natural and really can't hurt. I read that they should be very cold and that is part of what helps. Supposedly there is also something in cabbage that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Well, cold cabbage leaves did not sound very nice last night when I was reading it, but by this evening sounded ok. Let me tell you, it felt wonderful. For about 30 seconds. Then they got warm and I couldn't even tell they were in. I'm starting to think longingly about the economy size bag of frozen peas in the freezer! We'll see. I'm nervous about tomorrow morning as that as when they are always the fullest. Although I can't imagine any fuller than right now.
Some people say keep pumping here and there to help with the pain and fullness but overall it seems that if I pump it will just delay the milk from being reabsorbed by my body, which is a weird concept in itself. The cold turky method seemed to be the most popular. Sort of like grin and bear it and get through it faster. Although I did read a few moms who hadn't nursed in over a year and still had milk at the ready. Weird! It's all about the hormone Prolactin (thus 'lactating'). My body needs to realize that no baby is needing the milk and then it will produce a Prolactin inhibitor. Very interesting actually. Breastfeeding and milk are pretty fascinating. Craig and I came up with interesting questions last night. So, we know that someone can make their body create if you adopt a baby it is often possible to pump several times a day for several months and you'll be able to lactate (amazing, right!). But, is that milk customized to the adopted baby the same way it is for a vaginally (don't mean to be gross) born child? God was so genius when he created breasts and all their multitude of functions and how amazing it is that we can sustain the life of a child with a whitish substance that comes from them. Its flavor changes with what we eat and also the needs of a child. Like when a child is over a year the milk becomes more fatty to keep up with the calorie needs of a toddler. I could see that first hand in the refrigerated milk I had in the fridge last week. There was a very thick layer of fat on top and I don't remember it being that thick when Elly was little. I have also met an amazing mommy friend through La Leche League who had a little guy born extremely premature. She was under tons of pressure from the NICU to supplement him with formula but she kept insisting for them to do a calorie count on her breastmilk. She finally got them to do it and believe it or not her breastmilk was 1/3 more calories (correct me if I'm wrong K.G., maybe even higher?) than a normal mother's milk. Her body new that a little baby was fighting to survive and needed those extra calories. Incredible!!! I'd like to see formula try and customize itself to each individual child; not gonna happen.

Today was also the first day I've worn a real, non-nursing bra in over a year. Woohoo! Luckily my old ones still fit ok. We'll see about that once all the milk is dried up. Anyway, here's to a new chapter in my life. We're looking forward to our dr apt in 2 weeks (to see about getting prego again) and curious how it will go. Like will she write prescriptions that day or want to run tests first, etc. I don't know. I'm hoping since we've been through this already that we can just go ahead and get the show on the road. And let's pray the prescriptions won't be too insanely expensive!

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! We had planned to not buy any Christmas presents this year, not even stocking stuff. We just don't have any extra money and don't know for sure that Craig has a job after Christmas (may be getting laid off again, who knows). We didn't buy any gifts last year either (or for our birthdays or anniversary for that matter) so it's nothing really new, but still kinda sad :( However, I found this cute little child kitchen for $15 and we had to get it. I'm sure it's kinda cheapy and of course doesn't hold a candle to the awesome one at Costco. But, oh well. It's something and Eliana will get to open a big box. At this point in the game I'm just thankful for the roof over our heads, 2 cars, food in our fridge and clothes to wear. The rest is all extras and really non-important. What matters is my family and the impact we make on other people. It is a little tough when it comes to church and things like that where you are asked to participate in giving to needy families and part of me is thinking, "um, I can't even buy anything for my family, how the heck will I or should I buy anything for someone else?" But I will suck it up and find a little money somewhere and buy a toy for a needy child. I know that God sees my heart and he'll provide for us like he always does. There has never been a time that God hasn't come through for us. Even through court issues/child support/custody battle (expensive!) for his son, Craig's accident that came with a $300k pricetag, infertility treatments, Craig being laid off , matter what comes our way God always pulls through for us. We may not have all the things we 'want', but we sure as heck have all the things we 'need'.


  1. Nice blog post. Interesting, informative and funny post.

  2. Dianna~

    I will be praying the Lord will dry you up so say. AND.... I so hear you about the gifts, Josh & I are not giving gifts to noe another this year eather. The kids we aregoing to participate in (I'm a bit imbarrised to admit this) but Toys for tots so they will have some thing under the tree! I am reallthankful for things like this program and the people that donate to it. With out it families like mine wouldn't be able give a single thing to there kids!!!
    God bless you and what your new young family are going through, He will and is there for you!

  3. I love you. And, I love that we can say the word BOOB without batting an eye. That's our family HA!

    One thing that helped me when I was weaning myself from Marina's choice not to keep breastfeeding was warm towels. It made it so that the milk oozed out and relieved the pressure but it wasn't sucked or pumped so my body didn't think it needed to keep making so much.

  4. Wonderful description. I'll check this out again shortly.