Saturday, January 16, 2010

8.4lbs, sweeet :)

Well, I gotta tell you, cutting my normal food intake to 1/3 of normal must be working. I've lost 8.4lbs in 13 days. I don't know if it's because of the supplements as well or just the food. I'm also pretty amazed that despite just finishing 5 days of clomid and feeling super moody and sort of angry (hormones I guess!) I still managed to lose weight. This was not the case last time I took Clomid so I was pretty worried about gaining weight this time around.

We have been eating very light dinners and I've been following the guidelines for 'serving' sizes on everything. Tonight I did even less than a serving size because 5 potstickers just seemed like a lot. And to think we used to eat like 8-10 each! We are also saving so much money by not eating more food than our bodies need. What would last 1 meal is now lasting 2-4 meals. I've also majorly adjusted my daytime eating. I share a high fiber packet of oatmeal w/ 1 Tbs of flax with Eliana for breakfast. I share lunch with her, too, maybe scrambled eggs or cottage cheese or something. I'm not snacking much during the day at all but if I do it's like an orange or sharing a pear or banana with Elly. There's no chocolate or potato chips in the house (my weaknesses!). We bought skinny cow icecream sandwiches so if we need a treat we have one of those. They don't taste all that great but they satisfy the sweet tooth cravings. And of course no fast food for us. We don't eat out much at all anyway, but we'd occasionally go to McD's or JBox for something if we were out running errands, but now I just bring stuff to eat or go home. I just don't want to risk all the sodium, trans fat, and calories in a fast food meal. Not that we can't ever, but not right now. Btw, trans fats are shown to increase issues with infertility, so watch out for those.

I do feel hungry a lot. I honestly kind of always feel hungry now, but I just don't feel like eating. Small blessing I guess. Feeding Eliana meals reminds me, oh yeah, eat something! I'm hoping over time my stomach will shrink and I won't feel so hungry all the time. We'll see. Anyways, I'm glad to see my hard work paying off on the scale :)


  1. Congratulations to you on many levels, discipline, good choices, living in contentment...

    Way to go!!

  2. Diana, Incredible!
    I'll be following your blog now that I've found it....

    We are eating SO much less sugar, because of Ben's diabetes diagnosis last March. And we've discovered some great sugar free options.

    If you don't stay away from Splenda the Dryer's brand puts out sugar free ice cream that is incredible - coffee is our favorite.

    We also LOVE their tart mango icecream and it is a lot healthier.

    They have also started puting out so many sugar free treats, even cake mixes that are reduced sugar and so much better for you. Great option for birthdays or special occassions and you really can't taste the difference.

    AND that is come from a complete skeptic when it comes to sugar-free or fat-free.

    I'd love to get together to swap recipes or stories!

    Trying to eat healthier myself.

  3. Great job I know it takes a lot of discipline. You may not be able to always have this much discipline but at least the work you do now will help you be healthier which will pay off in your next pregnancy. Good luck keeping it up!