Monday, January 25, 2010


This is so one those days. Craig couldn't get his truck to start this morning and it wasn't the battery. He woke me at 6 to ask if he could take my car. Luckily Elly and I didn't have anything planned today, but even if we did I'd say him going to work tops any of our various social outings.

I'd been praying all day that it would be something simple and he could fix it when he got home. Well, he got home only to realize that the truck manual is probably at my parents house (back in Poulsbo where he just came from). He went to the library and read through it some but it didn't have any trouble shooting type things so it didn't help much. The truck power will turn on and he can even hear the fuel pump start, but the darn truck itself won't start up! So frustrating. This is on the heels of my '01 Durango being in the shop 12 (YES 12!!!) times in the last year. We are SO sick of car problems but we can't afford to buy cars that won't keep breaking on us. Luckily the Durango has a warranty. His truck however is completely paid off and has no warranty. It's an '02 Chevy Silverado 1500 with almost 170k miles.

So, now he's waiting on the tow truck to come and then will take it to the Chevy dealership for a diagnostic (which they can't run til tomorrow) and then who knows how long til it's fixed. This will be an interesting week. I'm not excited about not having a vehicle, especially this week when I have lots of stuff planned. It's like, really God? Can't things just be smooth for like 2 seconds??? We have zero money for this kind of an issue so here we go putting more crap on our credit card and that makes me feel anxious and angry. I want to have no credit card debt and God forbid (gasp!) even take a vacation! It's been 4 years since Craig and I have left town for a trip anywhere. I would love to visit friends who have moved to other states or go somewhere nice for a relaxing vacation, but then things like this happen and it feels even more out of reach.

We also just found out a few days ago that the land we were praying and praying to get so we could build a bigger home is not available and we're back at square one. I've been trying to stay positive but it's so difficult when it feels like every good thing that happens to us is followed by 5 bad things! I just want to crawl in bed and cry. No land so no new house, no vacation, and now only 1 car for us.  Usually we'd call my dad and he would come over to help out but he and my mom are very busy with their own stuff that started today. Great timing for the truck to crap out. I could scream!

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