Monday, January 11, 2010

Did that just happen? LOL

It was Oct 08 and I had just had my sweet baby girl the day before. We were still at Harrison Hospital Silverdale and had just switched from Labor and Delivery to regular patient floor. Eliana's bilirubin levels were high so we weren't allowed to go home yet. We knew it'd be at least one more day.
After getting our stuff unpacked in the new room, I was finally able to take a shower (man that felt good!) and was changed and feeling happy to be clean and ready to order something to eat. I ordered a chicken and pasta dish of some kind and a salad and maybe even a cookie. The food came and it looked good!

Before we could start eating our new nurse came in to go over my chart and make sure Elly and I were doing well. She had a pretty strong English accent so we were straining a bit to understand her questions. It was mostly the usual, "how much have you peed?" "when was the last time she nursed", etc. She then noticed my tray of food and said she didn't think the dr would want me eating yet. I asked why and I said that seemed strange to me and that shouldn't a breastfeeding mom be eating? She said she'd ask the dr but usually when you are getting a Two Bull you shouldn't eat. Huh? Craig and I looked puzzled I'm sure and we asked her to repeat herself. "You know, if you're getting a Two Bull you shouldn't eat", she replied. Once again we looked puzzled and asked her to repeat herself (that thick accent was not helping things!). Finally this time when she noticed the blank look on our faces she replied, "you're getting your tubes tied (as in Tubal, not Two Bull), right? The Dr. isn't going to want you to eat this close to surgery." UM, WHAT??? I was shocked. I quickly replied, "NO, I am absolutely not getting my tubes tied, I just had my first baby and I want more!" She was flustered and left abruptly saying something about checking the chart.

Wow, we were dumbfounded. It was like, did that just really happen to us? I almost wasn't surprised as Craig and I always seem to have the weirdest stuff happen, but a Tubal? Really? Thank goodness I was paying attention and didn't just go along with it all. Considering we'd been in the hospital for 4 days and I wasn't getting any sleep with a screaming newborn it would've been easy to just nod and go along with the nurse.

So no, I did not want a Tubal and I did eat my pasta dish! LOL

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