Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tests; Toddler trouble;Principle of the mirror

I am anxious for tomorrow morning. I really want to know if I've ovulated or not. Of course either way I'll still feel anxious to wait and take a pregnancy test in a week.
Craig should be getting answers tomorrow also. He's been having some not so fun issues for the last few years and we've tried all the natural things we can and it was finally time to go see a dr. His doctor is thinking thyroid issues or hormone level issues. Which, might I add, are the two problems we came up with after reading tons of stuff online about his symptoms. So, in order to not miss anything, a massive amount of tests was ordered up. Craig said it was 4 of the small vials of blood. Among the things being tested for are hypothyroidism, anemia, hepatitis, low testosterone, and some others I can't remember. All results should be in by Tuesday and we're anxious to find out. In the meantime we've added fish oil to our supplement regimen (see *Supplements) because Craig has high cholesterol and high triglycerides. We found that out because he had a bunch of lab work done to get life insurance and we were a bit surprised to see his numbers. Heart disease runs in his family and like I'm told him, I don't want to be stuck with a house full of kids and no husband! Btw, if you don't have life insurance, get it. Seriously. As a parent, the responsible thing to do is to get it. See Jason Mayer at EHL in Poulsbo. He's a friend and a great guy. Next on my to do list is a will.

My apologies to all of you facebookers seeing my ranting about Eliana not sleeping well. I realize there are much worse things in the world like- the Haitian's plight, cancer, car accidents, plane crashes, losing your job, being homeless, etc... and I am honestly grateful to have such a loving little person to call my own. BUT, I do get so tired dealing with a child that takes 45 minute naps and then screams bloody murder. It's not fun. For me the most frustrating thing is not being able to get anything done. I dream of what I could do with 2-4 hours; dust, vaccuum, mop the floors, scrub the bathroom spotless, get dinner started, paint my toenails, work on writing for my book, talk on the phone with a friend, read, etc. See all the things I never have time to do? It's SO frustrating. I know a couple of  you have suggested putting her in her crib with toys just to buy myself a little bit of time. I've done that, she still screams her head off. And I agree with a friend that maybe she was sleeping too much at night to take a nap, but that seems to have fixed itself since she's been getting up earlier and earlier everyday. Yesterday was 6:45 am. BARF to that; way too early for a Saturday. And Craig goes to a men's Biblestudy on Saturdays so it's not like he can take her and I can sleep. Another friend thought maybe she wasn't getting enough active play to wear her out, but I really think she does. Even after going to Moms and More and playing in the nursery for 2 hours and then walking and playing for another 1 1/2 hours...she still only slept 45 minutes! I do try to wear her out, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
Today she slept for almost 2 hours, but that was also on the heels of her getting hardly any sleep for 3 days. I think she was just catching up and I'm fully expecting another short nap tomorrow. Oh, well. What can I do? Love her. Play with her. Enjoy this fleeting stage of life. Delight in her little personality. Like I said, I know there are MUCH worse things than a baby that won't nap, so bear with me :)

Church was awesome today ( I felt so blessed being there. Worship was great and I think the team did awesome. Every person really contributed to the music and worship, there was no dead weight. Love it! Pastor Wes brought up the "Principle of the mirror". It says, "If there is something in your life that you refuse to change, God will bring people in your life with the same issues to show you what you look like." Ouch, right?! Made me think about the people that surround me and what about them drives me crazy. Indulgence and financial irresponsbility drive me nuts if I'm just being honest. Husbands that don't pitch in and give 110% to their families (mine happily does :) ). People who invest all their time and effort into their jobs and only give their kids/families the leftovers...that bothers me. But what exactly am I not changing that someone around me is reflecting back to me? I'm not sure yet. It's something to think about and something for all of us to remember. Often when something bothers you in SOMEONE ELSE it's because it's a flaw in YOU. Again, Ouch! :)

Alright folks, off to bed I go. I'm half way through Nicholas Sparks most recent best seller, The Last Song. After that it's back to the Karen Kingsbury series I'm currently working on called The Firstborn Series (about the Baxter family). Her writing is amazing and the stories totally suck me in. The 2nd book in the series I just finished totally made me cry. I have 3 more in the current series and then there's another 5 in the sequel series (and I've already read the 5 in the prequel series). Yes, I love to read! I miss sleep because of it actually :) And I'm super thankful for the public library!

And, I've decided to see if I can find a cheap laptop. My dear friend Heather and I are going to write a book about our fertility journeys from the personal, rather than clinical, point of view. My computer is currently tucked in a small corner in my small living room next to the tv and surrounded by Elly's toys and also Elly's little grabby hands :) A laptop would mean I could go write in bed at night or on the couch just a little more out of reach. We'll see!

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  1. consider a revocable living trust rather then a will. the later requires going to court the former does not. :-)