Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Updates :)

Hello, it's been almost a week since I last posted. Life has been busy I guess or I just haven't had anything too spectacular to say (imagine that!) :)

I'm on day 9 out of 10 of Provera so we're getting close to starting Clomid; I'm guessing about another week. The weird thing is that if I get pregnant on this first round I could conceive the new baby the exact same week I conceived Elly. How strange would that be! So far so good. I'm feeling bloated and puffy and a little moody. I guess it's the hormones and I'm just trying to roll with it. I find myself already thinking of being pregnant and spending hours in the late evenings looking at and that sort of thing :)

Craig and I are still doing good on our supplement regime. We haven't missed a dose yet. Although I will say that after the first 2 or 3 days Craig and I had both gained several pounds. Talk about disappointing. Cutting back on food, working out, taking supplements, and we GAINED weight? Barf to that. We are both down the few lbs that we gained but are trying to lose beyond that and it hasn't been very successful yet.

I've been thinking about what I would normally prepare for dinner and then making literally half that. A couple nights ago we had salmon filets and fresh spinach with no carbs or anything else. Surprisingly, we weren't hungry afterwards. I do find myself wanting to snack in the time after dinner but before bed. I just want chocolate lately! I'm doing good though and just drinking water or having a few pistachios. Tonight I made an 8x8 of Chicken Divan (broccoli, cheddar, curry, light mayo, cream of chicken soup) instead of the usual 9x13. Granted we wouldn't eat the whole 9x13 but we'd eat most of it! Yikes :( I also measured the Jasmine rice out to only make 2 portions with our meal rather than a pot full which equals a plate full. Talk about carb city. It was nice to just have a smaller portion tonight and no seconds. I didn't feel like I needed to just go pass out after eating way too much. Last night I made sauteed chicken in a white wine worchestershire honey reduction and asparagus (no carbs in there!). I also made pan seared sea scallops (those are the big ones) this week and they were SO yummy, omg! I will definitely be making them again. It was my first try and it was utterly successful. I spent $10 at Costco and we both got 1/2lb of them which is way more than we'd get at a restaurant if we paid 3x that. They were meaty and slightly sweet and perfectly cooked if I do say so myself :)

 I'm definitely being more conscientious about our dinner portions and doing my part to make them smaller since Craig and I obviously have no portion control. I'm hoping we'll see some results on the scale and measuring tape soon. We've also both been doing very well during the day with healthy choices. Craig eats oatmeal with flax for breakfast after his bike ride (go Craig!!!) and I usually have a bowl of cereal, or a couple eggs, or share oatmeal with Elly. I have to force myself to eat in the mornings since I don't just naturally want to. But if I ate when I felt like it it'd be midnight and we all know that's not gonna help me.

In other news, my sweet baby girl is getting braver about her mode of transportation. She has been such a careful little person and would take a few steps holding our hands but just plop down on the ground if you made her let go. She's a great cruiser and very fast crawler but was taking barely any steps alone. She took her first 3 steps at 13 1/2 months at La Leche League but then didn't take any more for weeks and weeks and even then it was just 1 or 2 steps here and there. Well, yesterday she just seemed so brave. I don't know what made the difference for her but she is branching out. First in the morning she had climbed up on her little Icecream truck and was balancing on the seat not holding on to anything. She was rocking on it and grinning like she was so proud of herself. Then she figured out how to climb up on the loveseat and then dive off head first (I learned quick to put pillows on the floor!). That went on for a long time...up and down and up and down. She even stood up on the loveseat and took a step here and there not holding on to anything. Then I noticed she'd be playing at the coffee table and just let go and walk 2-4 steps. Such a huge change for her. We had a playdate yesterday afternoon and she kept taking steps at that house as well.
Today was about the same with her not seeming so scared of walking. At one point she took 5 1/2 steps! So, I think we are finally getting there. She'll be 15 months on the 12th and I've been getting nervous for her but I also realize that 'normal' is 'normal for that child'. Two of my magazines this month have articles about late walkers and apparently up to 18 months is considered within range. I'm excited to see her trying new things and understanding her body more and learning what she's capable of; even though I almost had a heart attack today when she stood up on the loveseat and almost fell off backward!

Eliana is just such a joy and I love being her mom. When she does something new and looks so proud of herself it makes me so happy for her. I know there will be years of firsts and I'm so glad that God chose me to be her mommy to cheer her on. She's a little lover kissing and hugging all her toys and mommy and daddy, too, if you catch her at the right time ;) Craig and I were talking about how some kids out there don't get tons of hugs and kisses and that they probably don't hug and kiss every toy they have because no one has ever done it to them. Eliana is loving because she is loved; it's a learned behavior. Not all children are so lucky and that is terrible. I was thinking today how much I respect those that adopt children. What a calling if God has chosen you for that!

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