Monday, February 22, 2010

CD 14

What a beautiful string of days we've had here in Kitsap County! Eliana and I have made it to the park nearly every day. Makes me excited for summer when it's warm enough to go to Harborside Waterfront Park and play in the water!

Craig and I have been getting lots done around the house. Eliana and I stayed in my parent's house Saturday and Craig stayed home to mow the lawn, paint our bedroom, and some other misc stuff around the house. Our room looks a million times better now. All the rooms in our house are finally matching. The room looks bigger and cleaner and I like being in there much better now! Previously there was a very dark navy/tealish wall behind our bed. I liked the color a lot, but it really just closed our room in and made it feel dungeon-y. Now our whole house is a mixture of white and a beautiful tuscan beige. Makes for a great blank slate for future buyers.
I also decided to paint our old bedroom furniture a high gloss white. We have 5 different colors of wood in our room and it's a little crazy. Basically it's a mish mash of other people's old stuff and we've always just said, 'oh well we'll keep this old stuff til we get a bigger house' and then 5 years have gone by and we still have the old stuff. I decided if it was matching it might look better and the white will make our room look bigger. I did Craig's old dresser yesterday and bought new brushed nickel knobs today. Tonight I painted a dresser thingy while watching The Bachelor. So far I think I'm definitely liking the white! Looks new and clean and I have no idea why I didn't do it earlier.
Anyway, the house is coming together. Gardens are weeded, lawn is mowed, gutters are cleaned, trees are trimmed, siding is pressure washed.........Craig's been busy! I'm loving all the stuff being done and have decided if the house sells I'm ok with it and if it doesn't sell I'm ok with that, too :)

On the fertility front today is cycle day 14. I'm still charting faithfully on and so far ovulation has not been detected but I have the 'green light' for intimacy with the hubs. I'm guessing I'll ovulate by day 20. I'm getting pretty darn good at reading the chart and it's definitely helping me not feel so clueless and out of control during the course of the month.  My morning temps have been pretty steady except the mornings I've been up at 5am with Elly.

I also wanted to say how pleased I am watching the recent Giuliana and Bill episodes (Style network, Comcast 183). They have been dealing with infertility and are currently undergoing shots and IUI. Pretty much it's just refreshing to see a celebrity be open with their struggles and not hide the issues. Many celebrities have dealt with infertility, but very few are open with it. It's rumored that Victoria Beckham has PCOS, although that seems unlikely to me given her weight and the fact she's had several children close together. Julia Roberts used IVF to conceive and Marcia Cross is reported to have used fertility medicine as well. I realize that dealing with infertility can be a deeply private matter. I was much more private about it all the first time around. This second time I feel like I want to be an open book and help other woman not feel so alone. And just maybe someone will read my blog and go , "Hey, those are my symptoms. Maybe what she's doing will help me, too!" I don't have any reason to not share my experience this time around so I'd rather just be available to encourage others rather than keep it hush hush. In light of that I just think it's nice when celebs become real people with very human problems and are gracious and humble enough to be public with their struggles. Kudos Giuliana! Hope you get pregnant soon :)

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  1. I love you, Diana. Enjoy reading your blog. God is good!