Friday, February 26, 2010


Last night we met with our realtor to sign papers to list our house for sale. Seems a little surreal. The sign is supposed to go up soon and we should be online today. I will post the link once I have one.

I honestly am not expecting much, so if it happens quickly I'll be surprised. At this point we will still have to bring $400 to closing so if someone offers a lowball offer it'll be, um, no thanks! We aren't desperate enough to sell to go into major debt to do so. So, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Today is CD 18 for me and according to temping I still haven't ovulated yet. I think last month I ovulated around cd 18 so I'm expecting it any day. I have my progesterone blood draw scheduled for cd 23 which is Wednesday. For those that don't know; after you ovulate the hormone progesterone peaks, so we do a blood draw to read my progesterone level to confirm that I've ovulated and also the quality of the ovulation. The number we want is 6.50, last month I was at 6.22 which my DR was happy with.
The hormone progesterone is also what causes the increased basal body temps (bbt) for a few days after you ovulate (or sustained bbt if you are pregnant). Between charting and the blood draw we'll definitely know if I've ovulated. The primary thing to watch before ovulation (so you don't miss your fertile window) is your cervical mucuous/fluid (cm). Sounds gross I know, but we women pretty much all have it. As your body approaches ovulation your cm will get increasingly wet and stretchy and more clear. It is often likened to an egg white texture when you are at your most fertile. Cm does the same thing in essence that semen does- it acts as a transport vehicle for sperm. Pretty interesting, huh! The key is to time intimacy a few days before you ovulate because once ovulation is confirmed through your BBT being increased for a few days you've already missed the fertile window. An egg lives 24 hours max and is commonly believed to actually only live 12 hours or less, while sperm can live several days. Make sense?

There is part of me that is fearful that even though I got pregnant on Clomid with Eliana that maybe it won't happen this time......but I am doing everything I can to make it happen; diet, losing weight, being active, trying to get sleep, supplements, I just have to keep going and pray for God to give me peace about it and give us another sweet child. I also feel this strange pressure to hurry up and get pregnant since I'll be 27 in five months. I know that is still an ok age for egg quality and all that but I personally would like a few more children so I can't really afford to have a few year age gap between them all. There is no doubt about the fact that advanced maternal age makes it so much more difficult to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and have no complications. Of course most of us have known people in their 40's (maybe even 50's!) to get pregnant and everything worked out fine, but for the majority of women in their fertile time, age is a huge factor. I heard a fertility expert today say that a woman uses 1000 eggs each month just to release one viable egg- wow! This is part of why age is important...just simply not having as many available eggs makes it more difficult to get pregnant. Also, in the fertility world it is widely acknowledged that a 20 year old egg is much easier to get pregnant than a 40 year old egg. Seems kind of weird since they're both healthy, non-menopausal eggs, but for some reason the younger eggs implant better.
My pals Bill and Giuliana Rancic (just kidding, we've never met :) ) were on The View yesterday and Giuliana talked about how when she was 25 she saw so many of her colleagues in their 30's and 40's having children so she thought, "I'll just keep working and pressing forward in my career and I can have kids later no problem!" Little did she know that most of those 'older' (don't get me wrong, I don't think 40 is old, but in terms of fertility, it is)  pregnant women had used fertility medicine to get there. Now she regrets waiting til 35 to start trying. Her infertility seems to be unexplained as she does ovulate and Bill's sperm has been given the ok. They tried IUI (the turkey baster) unsuccessfully and will be moving on to IVF next week. Luckily for them it's not an issue of being able to afford all these treatments. For the more normal folks the costs are life changing and can be devastating. The View said the average cost of one IVF treatment in the US is around 13k, however I personally know families that have spent much more than that. I also have never met anyone whose insurance would pay for anything. Generally speaking insurance will pay while everything is still in the 'diagnosis' stage, but once you've been diagnosed and receive any treatment that is specific to infertility (in my case, Clomid), the door is slammed closed. It's pretty unfair if you ask me. It's not like asking for a boob job or a face lift, which I feel are both very optional and elective procedures. Is having a child optional? Honestly, when you feel that God has purposed you to be a mother and you want it so bad you can taste it, it's not optional. I always knew that I was going to be a mother and that the best job I could ever have would be that of wife and mom.
Infertility is a tough road and I know those of us dealing with it would never wish it on another person. I know many of you readers and friends are trying to get pregnant as you read this and I pray blessings on you and your womb.

Jeremiah 29:11-13 (New International Version)

11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.


  1. I have friends whose insurance paid for IVF. I think it was up to three treatments or something that the insurance paid for, but that was really cool. He worked for Bank of America at the time, and apparently they are very family oriented.

    Anyway, I'll be praying for peace as you wait!!

  2. I really love you! You are a great person and a beautiful mother!!! I am & will continue to pray for you.