Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The 'editing process' (as Nate Berkus says) has begun in our home. We got about 4 boxes of stuff out of our bedroom, mostly sweatshirts/sweaters and my books, and moved them to the basement. And earlier today I hustled and got 3 whole gardens all cleaned out. Woohoo! I put Eliana down for a nap and ran outside to work as fast as I could since she rarely sleeps longer than 40 minutes. I just worked and worked and when it started drizzling I went in and noticed it'd been 50 minutes and then sure enough, I heard the little one. I really think it was God that I was able to get 3 gardens done so quickly. It was almost like the weeds pulled out easily. Whatever it was, thank you Lord. I was thinking it'd take me one week to get it all done, but I think if I can get another hour somewhere I can finish the front two gardens and be done with it. We're really working on curb appeal. We let things go a lot during the winter so it's time to get our butts in gear. Craig mowed half the lawn today and yesterday he used the chainsaw to trim back our plum tree. It was on our roof and also the neighbors. They were probably thinking, "geez, it's about time you get it off our house!" Just kidding, they are a really nice couple :) So, back to the 'editing process'. Nate says it's a constant process and we should always be editing to see if the space is working for us, if we are piling too much into a room, etc. Because our house is space-challenged it doesn't take much for it to look cluttered. I feel like even if we are unable to sell, I'll still be glad to get things done around the house and work on making it more livable for us.
For me it's like when I was in college and I'd start to hate my car. I was jealous of other people's new cars and was slightly obsessed with getting a new car. But if I washed my car, vaccuumed and detailed it; I all of the sudden loved my car again! I know that I will appreciate doing the little things to our house, even if it's just for us.
Craig has a to-do list and I'm trying to help when I can, like the gardens.

On the TTC issue, tomorrow is day 5 of Clomid cycle 2, which means it's my cd (cycle day) 9. I'm still charting my temp every day and so far it seems pretty steady, as long as I get up at the same time every day. I'm not having any hot flashes with this cycle yet although I'm sure they're coming. I am feeling moody and emotional. I haven't actually cried but I've caught myself a few times feeling it coming.....like looking at a friends baby pictures or wedding album or texting a friend who lives far away.
I'm trying to take it one day at a time and make each day special with Eliana. I don't want the stress of all the stuff in our life to make my body decide not to ovulate. And as we know, stress plays a HUGE role in fertility. There's just so much going on and some things that I can't write about here. I know, I know. That's a shock since you thought I told the whole world everything about me on here.... :) !No, in all seriousness, as open as I am I do understand discretion (at least I hope) so things specific to Craig's work or to family and friends I try and keep out of the blog.

As far as weight goes, Craig and I are stuck. Together we're down about 24lbs since Jan 3rd and I guess we need to step it up notch to get past this plateau. We haven't given up yet though!

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  1. Very good, Diana. Love the growth...the trust...the positive outlook in spite of what circumstances may say.