Friday, February 19, 2010


Yesterday and today have been so sunny and gorgeous. I went for a walk yesterday and also took Eliana to the park. She had fun walking in the grass and collecting pinecones. Today we went to Blueberry park which is new and really nice. We even found some 'flowers' (little daisy weeds) and she loved them. She was too afraid to pick them herself so I had to hand them to her. Pretty cute!

Not a whole lot going on that I feel like writing about publicly today, but I will say I'm very flattered by the traffic this blog is seeing; about 600 viewers a month and growing. So, thank you everyone for your support and for sharing helpful blogs with friends and family.  I had thought maybe 10 people would read these so it's like WOW that people are interested in anything I write about :)

 I know this post is uncharacteristically 'surfacey' for me, so I'll try to give more juicy life details soon.

Hope you all are enjoying the sun!

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