Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hi friends,
So today is day 9 past ovulation so the waiting game continues. Unfortunately it's still too early to test so we have to hang tight. I'm till charting my temp and on dpo (day past ovulation) 7 I had a 'dip' which is referred to as the implantation dip once pregnancy is confirmed; meaning just cuz you have the dip it doesn't mean you're pregnant, but a lot of pregnant charts do show a dip between dpo 7 and 10. Apparently when the egg implants it often causes a one day temperature dip. Of course I am hoping that's what the dip on my chart is about, but only one way to know for sure and it's too early. 80% of charts on fertilityfriend.com with an implantation dip end up being pregnant charts. SO, praying and crossing my fingers! ***
In the meantime I'm trying to stay busy and not let my mind go too crazy wondering if I am pregnant or not. Of course Craig thinks I am but he said that last month, too.

Sunday was a busy day, baby shower for a wonderful couple (with awesome food!) and then a 77th birthday party for my grandpa Mr. Sluys (as in Sluys Bakery :) ). It's great to be around family and friends all day but I will say we were worn out when we got home.

Eliana's sleeping has been somewhat better the last couple weeks. She's actually taken a few 2 hour naps and is for the most part sleeping til 7:30am at least. A tooth is working it's way out and I think that was part of the major issues we'd been having for about a month. Every couple days she'll wake up crying at 5am and I can usually get her to go back to sleep. I think it's just the tooth pain waking her up. She's definitely been a more pleasant child getting more sleep, although now she has a cold. Lucky me weilding the nasal aspirator all day :)

***If you are interested in trying fertilityfriend.com's VIP membership free for 30 days (the basic subscription is always free) send me your email (here or on FB) and I'll send you the invitation. I highly recommend the site for natural family planning and also tracking your pregnancy. It has so much information, detail, and even awesome Q&A's. I have learned a ton from this site about fertility in general and also my own body.


  1. Glad to hear about the 'dip'! We'll be praying for you guys as you await....
    JP has had a cold on & off for a few weeks now and as much as he hates it, he lets me get at him with the snot-buster (what we affectionately call the nasal aspirator). :)
    That's so cool that your grandpa is Mr. Sluys! When we lived in Poulsbo, Matt and I would sometimes walk or ride our bikes downtown and get something from the yummy Sluys Bakery! If I had only known! :)
    Glad to hear things are going better for little Miss Eliana with the sleeping....I'm sure you're feeling much better too because of it!
    How are things with the house..? Is it officially on the market? :)

  2. Cristin- It's a pain with little guys since we can't get them to blow their noses, huh! Oh well, thankgoodness someone invented the snot-buster! There's been a few times I've wanted to use it on myself :)
    Oh yes, I feel so lucky to be in the Sluys Family. I grew up helping in the back of the bakery and walking the 2 blocks from home to get fresh rolls for dinner. Very few bakeries actually make everything fresh and on-site anymore, Sluys still does :) My uncle is up before the crack of dawn making everything.
    Nothing moving with the house yet. It's been listed for 1 week. No open houses and we still don't have fliers at the sign. I'll wait a few more days and then have Craig call the realtor about that. I'm sure if I'm pregnant I'll REALLY want it to sell. haha!