Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Week

Well, Craig and I spent most of the week working on things around the house. As I said in the last blog, Craig worked Saturday and Sunday and then Mon, Tues, and Wed he worked on the septic and drainfield after he got home from his real job. So far so good on the septic. What he found was that the outlet (opening) to the septic that is concrete and at ground level had a crack and hole on the side near the top. He drove out to the only place in Kitsap County that sells Jet Set (near Belfair) since Jet Set is the only non-porous concrete you can use on a septic tank. He dug all the way around the tank opening and fixed the hole and sealed up the 'mortar' portion all the way around just in case it was leaking anywhere else. The installer from Hemley's told us that after Craig fixes the hole 1of 2 things will happen; it will spew out the top of the tank once it gets full (sick!) will go out into the drainfield like it's supposed to. He said we'd know by this weekend. Well, here it is Saturday and we've had a week of laundry, baths, showers, dishes, etc, and so far no spewing out the top. We will keep praying that this was the only issue and it's now fixed. I'll need to have someone out to look at it and then if they give us the all clear they'll update us with the county so it shows as repaired. Since my husband is amazing at fixing things it only cost $40 for the concrete. I can't imagine if Craig didn't know how to do things himself, we would spend thousands on repairs around the home. Considering he grew up without a dad and had no one to show him how to do anything, I'm so proud of him for figuring things out, being hands on, and always finding a way to get things working again! He can pass these skills along to our children someday :) Lord knows I don't know how to do anything handy. Although I'd like to think I have good homemaking skills!

Monday morning I was making a quick run to Safeway for Manicotti shells since Fred Meyer strangely was having supply issues with Ronzoni....and the second I got Elly strapped into the cart my phone rang. It was our realtor and she said, "I hope your house is clean! Someone wants to see it in an hour." My first thought was, "how quick can I get home........there are bras hanging up drying and bills on the counter, and Elly's toys everywhere, and I didn't make the bed, etc." So I bought the noodles and raced home and cleaned like a maniac for 30 minutes. I threw up a little in my mouth since I was moving so crazy. lol. It looked great with the sun shining in the windows and we took off to Poulsbo so Elly could nap at my mom's. So, that was our first showing. The guy liked it but needs to show it to his nephew who is the person he actually wants it for. So we'll see. We also had another showing today, haven't heard yet what they thought. But, I am feeling hopeful that we've had two showings in one week. Maybe people are realizing time is running out on the tax credit.

Yesterday morning Craig woke me up at 6am to say his truck wasn't working (AGAIN! 3rd time in a year) and could he take my car to work. Well, of course I had to say yes. I couldn't think of anything planned for the day but him making money definitely tops any social outing I might have. I felt so bad for him. The last thing you want when you're trying to get to work is to have a dead car and not be able to get it started. I worried about it all day. He worked on it 1 1/2 months ago and replaced a ton of stuff and it cost us almost $900. I had sure hoped we'd be good for a year or two before it crapped out again. Luckily my dad is even more mechanically inclined than Craig and has been working on cars, bikes, heavy equipment, stereos, etc. for 40 years now. He has helped us with our oil furnace, electrical stuff, drainfield, cars, etc. Craig learns a lot from him and we're super lucky to have someone willing to help us. They spent 4 hours working on it last night (which is why I missed a friend's birthday party, sorry! :( ) and are working on it again right now. My dad can read an auto manual the way I read a novel. He just gets it. I could read a manual for 3 years and still not get it, my brain just doesn't work that way. It's great for Craig to have someone to teach him and to do the things that a dad usually does with a son but that he never got to experience. Anyway, I'm praying they get it fixed soon and cheaply!

After the septic issue I was pretty peeved that his truck broke down again. I guess I just felt like how come God allows these things to happen instead of just preventing them? I know why; we learn, we have to lean on Him, it builds our faith, character, etc. I get it in my brain. But in my heart sometimes I feel like why doesn't God just stop the bad things from happening?! The reality is that He probably does, and all the time. We just don't see it. So, to add to the list, we're now trusting God to make the septic do what it's supposed to do and to get that truck working again. And of course to sell our house and help us find a great place to live.

I'd also like to say how proud I am of Craig, he has lost 20lbs now! So, this might just be coincidence, but for lent he decided to give up non-dairy creamer. He went through about 1 fat free french vanilla non-dairy creamer a week ($3) and he thought he'd save us money and just go with milk and sugar. I had told him months ago that the ingredients were insane and all chemicals and hydrogenated oils. Of course that didn't really phase him :) But, since he's stopped drinking it the weight has been coming off much faster. I can't help but think it's related and ......I was right! HA! Dr. Oz said once that the body knows what to do with sugar since it's from nature, but that fake sugars and hydrogenated oils confuse our bodies and can make us gain seems to be true. I'm stuck at -14lbs which isn't surprising to me really. Welcome to the world of PCOS. Oh well, we keep trying!


  1. You are amazing! I love reading your stuff! xoxo Veronica Stafford

  2. Josh too didn't have a positive male role model in his life ether and his dad WAS around just couldn't be bothered to be a real father! So I am so grateful for the "good" times my dad (who too was awesome at ALL handy stuff) had with Josh over the years teaching him and doing together. Josh is also handy (when he wants to be) he is I hate to say it but lazy at heart LOL he would rather play a video game or watch a sports event then "fix" some thing. He just fixed our van the other day and today he fixed the back hatch!!! So what I have to say is at the very least...... "thank God for providing the men in our life the opportunity to do & learn, it builds their character and fluffs their feather :)" Hip-Hip-Hooray for handy hubby's!!!

  3. You made me blush Veronica, thank you!

    Agreed Amber! We are lucky to have such great Hubby's that provide for us, take care of us, and fix things :) Your boys can learn lots shadowing Josh as he works; what a great memory to pass to our children!

  4. That's awesome about Craig's weight loss. This is exactly why I stay away from things which are artificially made to be "low fat" and "low sugar", etc. That and I find digestively I do better with natural rather than processed and artificial ingredients.