Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We paid $16 to get sick? Sure felt like it.

These last 4 days have been a doozie. A nasty bout of food poisoning hit Craig and I (Praise the Lord not Eliana since she didn't eat it!). We decided to 'splurge' and spend $16 on some takeout Chinese food and what a mistake that was. We ordered Almond Chicken and Sweet and Sour Pork and half way through both of our food we immediately knew something was really wrong. I felt sick almost instantly and didn't even want to look at the food that seconds ago was delicious! Then I looked at Craig and I knew it wasn't just me. We tossed the food and took turns in our 1 bathroom the rest of the evening. Craig was able to sleep through the night, that would not be the case for me for a few more nights :( I couldn't keep anything down. Juice, Sprite, water, soup, didn't matter it came out. Just looking at food or thinking about it made me feel sick. I googled Food Poisoning Symptoms and it was like check, check, check.......yes, that's what we have! For those that will suggest it, No, I haven't called the restaurant yet. I didn't call anyone for those few days. My mom has been trying to reach them about it for me :)
 I know the Stomach Flu is going around and have several friends whose families have all had it, but based on the timing of the illness and the fact that Craig and I both got it instantly but sweet Eliana has been fine, really points to the issue starting with our dinner. Today is the first day that I have been able to eat anything and keep it in. Granted it was only toast and some raspberries, but that's a heck of a lot better than the last few days. As you can imagine I've lost 8lbs since this awfulness started. Let's hope since I got so sick now I'll stay fine in Mexico.........speaking of, we fly out in 11 days!!! Woohoo! Elly's passport is still processing, so we're still waiting. I'll feel better when I have it in hand. We're pretty much ready to go. Only had to buy sunscreen and a couple of tank tops for Elly.

So, being as sick as I was really made me feel like a loser! I remember before I was a stay at home mom and Craig and I kind of talked about what our roles would look like (he doesn't remember this conversation). We both agreed that it's reasonable for me to pack his lunches, take care of Eliana, and make dinner most nights if I'm not at work all day. My normal day is cleaning, playing with Eliana, making Craig's lunch for the next day and prepping his coffeepot, running errands, making dinner, etc. The 'domestic' stuff and I like it! BUT, being so sick that I couldn't leave the couch made me feel like a big lazy bum and pretty much a failure at my responsibilities. I usually only get extremely sick maybe once a year and that's only for a day or two, this was way worse. I haven't made dinner in almost a week, I haven't vacuumed in a few days, I'm not sure if I've been doing the laundry or Craig is. He's been picking up Elly's messes in the evening and getting his coffee ready. And not complaining one bit. He always helps tons around the house and our relationship has always worked that way. Nothing is really only my job (well, he's never cleaned the toilet....) and nothing is only his job (except I don't mow since it really bothers my allergies....). I just feel so bad when he works all day and then comes home to no dinner and a messy house. This is the plights of families everywhere. What happens when a capable mom that does a million things during her day finds herself laying on the couch watching Tori and Dean for way too many hours......I think most moms are like me. We take pride in doing all the things we do and doing it well. It is our 'job' though there is no financial compensation. I don't like doing a bad job at anything, especially not my home and family! So, we muddle through and hopefully most of you have wonderful husbands like me who will pick up the slack and not make you feel bad for it. And then the flu, or food poisoning, or whatever it is passes and we get back to normal.
I ran errands for 2 hours today and already have Craig's coffeepot ready for tomorrow. Still need to make his lunch and figure out dinner, but I WILL do it today :)

PS. One of my friends who had a baby girl last week ended up actually delivering on the side of the road in her car. She is amazing, can you even imagine this happening to you??? Here's the link to the King5 story. Go Julia! And welcome beautiful baby Jayla :)


  1. You are such a good mom and wife. And Craig is just as amazing of a provider and dad. you guys work together so well.

  2. I am so proud of you both. You are a beautiful couple. I love watching you grow together and grow closer to Him. Bless you both.