Friday, April 30, 2010

Wow, can't believe it's Friday already! By this time tomorrow we'll be on a plane headed to 85 degree weather!

This has been a good week. By Tuesday Craig seemed pretty much all better so I took off to the movies with some girlfriends and he stayed home while baby was sleeping. I hadn't been to the movies since Thanksgiving so it was a treat and I really enjoyed The Backup Plan. There were a few risque parts, but not anything you haven't talked about or dealt with as a married and/or pregnant person. The movie theatre popcorn smelled SO good but I behaved and stuck to my smuggled in trailmix and water :)

When I got home Craig had cleaned up the house for me, too. Since getting Elly Amoxicillin on Wednesday for the ear infection she's been so much better. Yesterday she was a doll patiently running a million errands with me and when she got some vaccinations in the afternoon she only cried for 30 seconds. What a blessing she is! I almost hadn't realized how much not like herself she had been for that week until yesterday when she was her silly little self again. I'm glad to have my Eliana back and am praying for a safe flight and that she'll have fun and her ears won't hurt.

Craig and I did the majority of the packing last night. Just clothes and shoes takes a while. It's pretty much just toiletries left and that should be quick. I'm hoping to fit Elly's stuff in my bag so I don't have to pay for a 2nd bag, but we'll see. Tomorrow's wake up time is 4am at the latest with the drive out time 5:30 am. Early for me and Elly! I'm thinking I'll try to put her to bed at 6pm tonight so she'll get close to her usual 12 hours of sleep. Although she's already making the plan tricky since it's 9am and she's still sleeping. We'll see. I'm hoping to go to sleep around 8pm.....but that's hard for me since I'm a night owl.

I'm sure Craig is working like a maniac today trying to get all the last minute stuff done so he can leave peacefully and not pile stuff on his coworkers. I remember that back when I had a paying job  :), how frantic I was the last couple days before a vacation. This time is a bit different and pretty nice. I actually got to run errands during the day and get things prepped during the day (gasp!) instead of staying up til 2am to get things done like I did pre-baby and pre-staying at home. Once again I'm thankful I married someone like-minded about how we'd raise our family and what our financial priorities are. And I'm thankful he works so hard to take care of us.

At a baby shower recently (there's been lots!) I heard someone say to a younger person, "well everyone has to work now when they have kids, you don't have a choice." So of course I interjected, "well, I stay home." That got a surprised look from the older person and opened conversation with the younger one. I'm not pointing fingers because I know there are truly some circumstances where mommy has to work. However, I also know sometimes it's about being willing to have old cars, an old house, basic cable, few vacations (if any), and living frugally. Cutting out the 'fluff' basically. I just hate to hear people be told that there's no options, because there are! Sell your gigantic house with a huge mortgage......downgrade your vehicles, etc. It's not 2007 anymore folks, living frugal is actually cool again :) And for what some people may be thinking, "well, your husband probably makes a ton of money...." We do ok. Our household income is a bit over 1/2 what it was when I was working He's worked hard to get raises over the years and we make what we have go as far as possible. We also have child support for his son which is more than our 1 car payment or student loans. I wish we could say we're 100% debt free, but the reality is we have a mortgage, car payment, Craig's student loans, and child suppport (for another 8 years). Even still, we manage.
You have to decide what's more important to you. Going to Maui annually? Splurging at Macy's every weekend? Having 300 channels on your cable and all the bells and whistles on your cell phone? OR spending every day with your child, raising your child, being there to see all the firsts, sharing lunch with your kiddo and getting kisses before naptime.......for me the choice was obvious.
In our dream world we'd get to have all the money and stay at home, but for most of us it comes down to 'or' not 'and'.

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