Monday, May 24, 2010

As planned I spent most of today on the phone about our insurance situation. Called DSHS to make sure Elly could get Apple as long as she's not on any other coverage and that's a go. Called Regence 3x to make sure that I would not be denied prenatal and delivery coverage as part of a pre-existing condition and that's good. I qualify for HIPAA coverage which states that if you've been covered in a group policy for 18 months or more you are exempt from the new client exlusions- yay! The policy just doesn't want someone with no coverage to go, "oh I'm 5 months pregnant, better get insurance!" So, even though I am greatly reducing my out of pocket costs, I am currently covered so looked at differently. Then it was multiple phone calls to find out if it's possible to drop Eliana and me from the current plan to get the ball rolling towards good things. This was nervewracking; leaving messages, calling and calling, sending an email.....the lady did call back around 2pm and said we can be dropped at any time on email request by Craig's HR but we cannot be added back on until open enrollment in January. This is perfect for us since the baby is due in November! I will be keeping the kids (whoah, plural 'kids'!) on Apple, but at least I will have the option to go on the group plan again.
So, now I am waiting for the approval from Regence for the Evolve Plus Individual Plan. It's a $1k deductible and then 20% coinsurance after that. Not nearly the plan I had when I had Eliana but SO much better than our current policy. I appreciate all the advice and support. I think it got me thinking about options all over again and they're working out so far. I don't think I'll have a problem getting approved by Regence. On the huge health questionairre the only thing I answered yes to was 'polycystic ovaries'. This hardly seems like a reason to deny coverage to somone. I'll keep you all posted, it'll be at least a week til I know.

Yesterday I had two friends really bless me. One offered to give me a baby item I have really been wanting for the new baby but just really can't afford. She said I'd been on her heart to give it to and this just blesses me so much, to tears really. With thousands of dollars of insurance stuff happening, sometimes it's these smaller and generous gestures that mean so much. Another friend offered for me to borrow her maternity clothes and I'm excited about that. I'm rotating a few shirts and shorts right now and that's about all. When people go out of their way to bless me it shows me how God cares about the little things and no matter how overwhelmed I am with what I believe to be the 'big picture'....He is the only one who knows the big picture and yet He still blesses me in smaller ways. I hope I will listen when God places it on my heart to bless someone else because we honestly never know how much these gestures mean to someone else.

Today was my OB appointment. I wasn't really nervous about it, just hoping to hear the heartbeat and for there to be no issues.
My BP was 120/80 (close to last time, maybe a little higher on the bottom number) and my weight was 5lbs less than last month. Good numbers! I told the dr I feel like pregnancy is the only time I don't gain weight easily and how weird I thought that was. She really gets PCOS and explained that during pregnancy my metabolic state is pretty much like a normal non-PCOS person. The extra caloric burn and metabolism of the baby balances out my usual fat gain mode. Pretty cool. At this point (of course I have a lot of weeks left) we're looking good. If I can keep the weight gain to a minimum then issues with diabetes, preeclampsia and some others I forget will be much less likely.
She was able to find the heartbeat quickly with the dopplar, so no issues at all. The heart rate was around 150 and she said it sounded really strong. The baby moved a few times during the dopplar, too. Wish I could feel those moves!
I have another appointment in a month and at that point we'll schedule the 18-20 week ultrasound (gender, too!!!) and the quad screen. I realize the quad screen is very controversial among Christians. The reason I've chosen to do it with both of my babies is because I personally feel that if something is wrong, I want to know and be able to educate myself and get my home ready for any special needs. I will NEVER abort a baby so that is definitely not my reason for getting the quad screen.
Anyway, things are good and it was special to hear the little heartbeat. It's always surreal that there is a real live baby in me!

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  1. Hey Diana so glad you were blessed yesterday! I totally agree with you about the quad screen my feeling was that if something was wrong we wanted to educate ourselves and also share it with others so they can be holding us up in prayer and praying for our baby! Blessings to you and your family!