Sunday, May 23, 2010

Follow up to the tirade :)

So, in an update to the last blog (re: lack of insurance) I'll be making more calls on Monday to try and figure some stuff out.
The reason why Elly didn't qualify for the Apple program wasn't income as they are actually very broad income guidelines (we'd just have to pay $20 a month), but because they consider our disaster policy to be 'credible coverage'. Ridiculous, I know, but what can you do? So, tomorrow I will be calling EHL and seeing if it's possible for Eliana to be dropped from Craig's policy during the year (open enrollment is a ways off I believe). If I can then she can be in the Apple program. Of course I will be calling and double checking that the existing policy was truly the only reason for her denial before I have her dropped from the policy. And then once the new baby is here they can also be in the Apple program for another $20 a month. Fingers crossed that my idea works out!
The other idea is to see if I can be dropped from the policy and added to a different Regence individual plan. There is one with a $1000 deductible and maternity coverage for $221 a month. The only thing is I can't have the disaster policy and the new one at the same time. So once again it's up to whether they'll release me form the policy mid year.....
The way it looks so far mathwise is that if I stay on the group policy I have to pay another $4k out of pocket before insurance kicks in at all. If I switch to the new one it's only $1k out of pocket until insurance starts paying and $221 a month. In order to reach the $4k out of pocket I could pay for insurance monthly for 13 months and still come out ahead. Does that make sense? I'm doing the math on how long it would take to reach $4k out of pocket on each plan.....And I can drop the Individual plan at any time and go back to the group plan. I talked to a rep on the phone on Fri who didn't see a problem with all this but then as I was reading fine print that night I noticed the policy says you can't be pregnant when you start the policy. I'm hoping that only applies if you have no previous coverage, whereas I have much more than the required 18 months of prior continuous coverage. I went ahead and applied for this coverage just to get things going. I still need to find out if ultrasounds and labwork are covered, I'm really hoping they are. Up to this point that's what's really been killing me.
Lots up in the air, but I'm not giving up. Hopefully I'll get answers tomorrow!
Thanks for the empathy and support guys. Life can be so complicated sometimes.

On a better note, I'm 14 weeks today. My little baby is the size of a lemon already! I really thought I felt the baby moving in church today but then just thought maybe I was being crazy. Who knows! :)

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