Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mazatlan update

Hey ya'll. Quick update from Mazatlan:
We got here Saturday around 5pm after about 12 hours of traveling. Eliana did pretty fabulous. She was a trooper mostly the whole way and looked so darling sitting in her very own airplane seat (thank you to the pediatric neurosurgeon who moved up one seat so we could have the row!). I bribed her with a red tootsie pop on take off and it seemed to work. She didn't mind take off or landing at all. We did hit a rough patch with her after about 2 1/2 hours and she screamed for almost 30 minutes. She's been awake for over 7 hours without a nap and was desperately fighting sleep. She finally fell asleep on me and dozed for 30 minutes. Luckily the people right near us were pretty nice and said she was sweet and a great traveler.
She's been sleeping wonderfully in the hotel playpen in our room. Last night was about 13 hours. Naps are anywhere from 1-2 hours. I think she's getting worn out from all the playing!
Anywho, Saturday we had a great dinner (coconut shrimp!) at La Palapa, the hotel restaurant. Sunday was a trip to Soriana's for groceries. It was an experience and a bit exhausting trying to find things that look similar to anything we'd normally buy. The staff was friendly and helped us get a block of Oaxaca light cheese since they had zero options of cheddar. We also found the one kind of turkey lunchmeat they carry. The whole huge deli case was full of ham and bologna. It's interesting how in this culture ham is the big meat. Where's the pastrami, roast beef, chicken, etc? There also wasn't anything organic and very few diet/light options. And no caffiene free soda (other than sprite,etc.) There was no skim or 1% milk. Of course this is ok and not a big deal as we're only here for less than 2's just interesting. Maybe other stores have these items, I don't know.
I was a tad grossed out that the eggs were not refrigerated, but I realize they don't come out of a chicken straight into a fridge :) It's just different than what we're used to and perhaps our cases of refrigerated eggs are strange to Mexicans.
We've been making our own dinners the last couple nights; sauteed chicken; burgers last night. One of these days we'd like to go to a restaurant with great Mariscos. The seafood at the store was questionable..but I know there's got to be great seafood around here!

One of the vendors at the beach entrance to our resort is named Jesus and he is super nice. He's known my grandparents for decades and my grandpa has generously helped out Jesus' family in years past. Jesus must've seen us the day before with grandpa because he said, "you're here with Marion, right? you get these for $10 each (sunglasses). your grandpa is my friend and you are, too." We knew he was being genuine since we'd heard everyone at the resort saying they could only talk him down to $15 and that he had a better selection than even the Golden Zone. He also told us if we want anything from his vendor friends to ask him first and he'll make sure they're fair:) We bought several pairs of sunglasses from him and have gotten to know him a bit. He is there every day and has 3 kids and a wife at home. And his English is excellent.

We've gone to the pool almost every day. It's honestly been frustrating. Eliana is very very cautious about anything new (this sort of drives me nuts to be honest). She hates the sand on the beach. If I set her down she panics and starts screaming and reaching for me. Then with the pool she takes a couple hours to get used to it and even then is not a big fan. Last year I took her swimming all the time but I guess she was young enough just to go with the flow. I'm hoping that day after day she'll get better but I think it's also just part of her personality and I have to find ways to cope with it and help her. Wearing water shoes has helped a bit- she really hates being dirty; sand in her toes, the rough pool bottom. Even when she's eating if she gets food on her fingers she puts her hand up and goes, "uh, uh, uh" until I wipe it clean. She's just very particular and apparently tactile sensitive. I'll probably address this at her next dr visit and see what her dr will suggest. I wish she was laid back like Craig and me but for whatever reason she's more of a challenge. On the other hand she's extremely sweet and loves to hug and kiss and I think wouldn't hurt a fly. She's super gentle and apparently....very cautious.

Today we're going to the Golden Zone. This is the mecca for tourists and shopping and American fast food. Who knows if we'll buy anything, but I still want to go check it out. I got this awesome necklace in Cabo 4 years ago and maybe I'll find earrings to match. I also would love to get a blizzard or something like that :) The icecream bars from the resort store are yummy but also like $2 each.

Ok, I think that's all for now........

PS. I only have 40 pages left of Tori Spelling's Mommywood. I love her! Craig says we love them because we secretly want to be Tori and Dean. He's probably right :)

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