Friday, May 28, 2010

Prayers for those still TTC

Happy Friday all! I hope most of you at least get 2 days off this weekend. My hubby actually gets three off. Memorial Day and Labor Day are the two holidays (besides Christmas and Thanksgiving) that his company pretty much always celebrates.
I'm singing at church on Sunday so half the day will be busy, but we might go to Trader Joe's or Cabela's on Monday, just for something to do :)
It's 9:30 and Eliana is still sleeping. I've learned not to go in and get her when I hear her talking because she usually will go back to sleep and then she's much happier when she wakes up. And it's a total plus for this tired, pregnant mom to get to sleep in! Elly continues to be my gentle little princess. She has such a sweet spirit and I'm so privileged to be her mother. Sometimes I feel a little sad that she has less than 6 months left with just her and me :( Little does she (or do I for that matter!) know how much life will change with another baby. I'm trying to really enjoy her and cherish the days together, even the many recently filled with rain and us being stuck indoors. The concept of another baby in me has been a little hard to grasp because my only knowledge of a child being mine is's weird to think there is a whole other baby with it's own personality, hair color, etc. Weird, but cool.

Children are a blessing, and a challenge! Sometimes I think God gives us children to teach us about Him; unconditional love, discipline...and the immense, deep love a Father has for His children.

I continue to love, support, and pray for you my friends that are still trying to get pregnant. I know it can become all consuming and all of life is seen through the filter of not being able to conceive. But women, remember you are more than your ability to get pregnant. You are a strong woman with many gifts and a purpose in life. Your Womanhood is not compromised because you are having trouble getting pregnant. If your husband is a gem he will not love you any less, but maybe even more because of the trials you are enduring. Shrug off the strange opinions from those who have not dealt with infertility (such as, "just get drunk and it'll happen"- I hate that one!), and ignore the comments from those who do not share your faith. And the innocent people who ask, "when will you be starting your family?" Well....remember they are innocent. I usually answered, "when God feels it's time for us." And yes, it always hurt. But I tried to keep in mind that I didn't owe anyone an explanation and I didn't need to feel bad about not having kids yet. In due time.

Hugs and have a blessed weekend friends!
And as is always in my heart- thank you to the men and women who serve and risk their lives every day for my family and me to enjoy the freedom we do!!!

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