Tuesday, June 22, 2010

18 1/2 weeks

Happy First Official Day of Summer everyone (ok well it was actually the day before, but today's the day with sun!)! It was beautiful today. Eliana and I were outside for at least 2 hours today. I'm sure we'll get outside tomorrow too, it's basically her favorite place to be; anywhere outside :)
I planted corn and sweet banana peppers yesterday from seed. Hopefully they grow like crazy! Everything else seems to be doing really well, except I'm having a hard time keeping my green bean plants watered enough. I'll keep at it.

Today I majorly scored with finding a posting for three size 2 Bella Bands for $10 total on Craigslist. And the lady lived right on Bucklin Hill, perfect! I picked them up and honestly thought they might be really worn out or an off brand, but they are in great condition and even smell good- and are actually "Bella Band". Sweet! I had almost bought one from Target the other day but of course was too cheap to let myself. So this seemed like such a cool blessing to just randomly see the posting.

After that I went to my monthly OB appointment (I'm 18 1/2 weeks). Today was the day for quad screen bloodwork so hopefully a whole week will go by and I won't hear anything since no news is good news. We also heard out little one's heartbeat again. It was kicking and moving around and sounded happy.

I'm thrilled with my weight- still down 2lbs from when I got pregnant. After I was weighed I asked the nurse how much I was up and she said, "are you kidding me hon? You haven't even broke even, you're still down 2lbs!" SWEET. My dr feels really good about my weight and says at this rate we're moving in the right direction for me to be able to labor spontaneously and not deal with preeclampsia. I'm really excited about that as it's been my prayer since day 1. I also asked about the possibility that I was maybe not designed to have epidurals since my last one only worked for a few hours and then abruptly stopped working when I dilated to a 7. My dr said there is a very real possibility that I may in a group of women whose bodies just don't work that well with epidurals. I told her I'd like to mentally prepare for a natural childbirth and she agreed that would be a great option (aka best) for me and commented that if things change or my labor is really drawn out I can always ask for medication as Plan B. So, I'm glad and we are in agreement- natural labor is definitely my Plan A :) YAY ! Ok, so it's a little scary, too, but honestly I did it with Elly anyway. I figure I can handle just about anything for 12 or so hours.....and Elly's labor was over 50 hours- yeesh! Our bodies are designed to deliver babies and speaking in general terms- our bodies won't grow a baby bigger than we are capable of delivering (gestational diabetes aside).

Oh, and our ultrasound is on July 1st, so cross your fingers that our little one won't be crossing their legs :) It's a little weird actually because we found out Elly's gender on July 2nd- only one day different.

Time continues to fly and it's totally surreal that we'll have a newborn soon!

And on the insurance front, I am now covered under a Regence plan with a $1000 deductible instead of $5k. It's about $220 a month which kind of sucks, but I was spending way more than that a month on medical bills anyway. Eliana is now covered through the state. Not exactly sure what all is covered, but it seems pretty good and even has dental. Yay!

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