Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is one of those days where this is so much I want to say, but I honestly just don't even have the energy! I was hoping to nap a little while Elly did, but she didn't hardly nap so that was a no go. I'm going to try to hit the hay by 8 tonight since I need to up at 5am tomorrow. I'm more tired just thinking about it! But it's for a good reason; singing in the morning services at Newlife tomorrow. We're doing some great songs and I'm looking forward to it :)

My garden is really loving the random hours of heat we've been having. My green beans, zucchini, and peas are growing like crazy. And yesterday I noticed my peas have flowers on them, yay!

I picked up seed packets yesterday for sweet corn and sweet peppers. Was hoping for carrots but I guess the manufacturer already picked them up.........they must not know that seasons often start late for us here in Washington :) I'll have to find them somewhere else.

I took the kiddos to the Poulsbo Marine Science Center on Thursday and it was awesome. Totally free (donations accepted) and it was a cool experience. There is a touching pool and the kids get to feed and touch crabs, anenome, seastars (politically correct term for starfish), and learn about all the cool creatures. Very neat. The coolest thing for me was the huge octopus. Apparently the largest species of octopus grows in the Pacific Northwest; the "Pacific Giant Octopus." He was aptly named Mr. Bob by the local kids and he was bigger than I can even explain. We got to see him eat a crab, very cool. I highly recommend stopping in just to see Mr. Bob. He'll be released in the wild soon and then a younger male will take his place (they only live 3-5 years).

You can see Mr. Bob eating the crab in the 2nd pic. Weeeeird :)

Of course the drama still continues with Craig's crazy ex, but I'm too tired to waste brain space with all her crap at the moment..........ok, got stuff to do.....enjoy your weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the men who make an effort to be there for their kids and are the true meaning of the title, "DAD". ;)

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