Saturday, June 5, 2010

Watching my garden grow

Went to the Poulsbo Farmer's Market again today in the most beautiful sun! I'm so glad we got out of the house. I got green beans, market cucumbers, and chives to add to my garden :) We also tried the Icelandic Icecream and it was the bomb. It's a Skyr (pronounced Skeer) which is made similar to a cheese or like Greek yogurt, so it was super creamy and pretty much just fabulous. We got lemon meringue flavor; delish. If you haven't been yet, I definitely recommend taking the fam to the farmer's market, or one in your area. There's something really special about seeing things grown or made right in your own county, and knowing that your dollars are going to local vendors. There's a ton of good food (bratwurst, burgers, swedish pancakes, mini donuts, coffee, cupcakes, salmon, mexican, etc) and the garden vendors are so friendly and have given me a lot of good advice. It's really a community feel and especially in Poulsbo where everyone knows everyone. I'm sure we'll go lots more this summer and I'll probaby take Craig's son and Eliana there next weekend while Craig is working (boo to that!). I also want to check out the Bremerton Farmer's Market at Evergreen Park.

So, this pic is my garden as of today. I'm already wishing I had more space! From front to back I now have:
Oriental Eggplant (long and skinny)
Artichoke (back left)
Market Cucumber (in front of artichokes)
2 sweet peas on the trellis
4 green bean plants in front of the peas

YAY! I would really love to plant pumpkins, but I'm pretty much out of room for big, spreading type things like that. Maybe next year :) I can see how gardening becomes addictive and it takes up your whole yard. But this does feel very productive to me because everything I've planted we will actually eat.
And it's fun and seems very 'domestic' to have a veggie garden and watch things grow while I am also watching my belly and toddler grow. Awww, how sweet ;)

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  1. Beautiful, it is wonderful to keep a garden! Yours looks great and it will be so fun!
    In terms of pumpkins, did you know you can grow them vertically? You just have to REALLY support the weight of the pumpkin with tying it up in a net bag or something that will expand as it grows.

    Have you looked into growing intensively? It will let you plant more in less space but it requires an abundance of compost for all the nutrients. I have not done it more because I don't have enough compost yet on a regular basis. Have fun!!