Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Veggies, yay!

It's so incredible how quickly things change in the garden. One day there's nothing, the next there's a flower, and the next there's a little baby zucchini! I love it!
And not to sound stupid, but Craig and I have never seen vegetables grow from nothing to something like this before. It's just awesome how God designed everything to grow and need so little help to do it. The peas are just these little tiny baby peas and the green beans are like Barbie size green beans. And we already have two little zucchinis :) The yellow corn I planted less than 2 weeks ago from seed (er, kernel) is already over 2 inches tall. WOW! My basil is flowering, too.
I'm still waiting on my cucumbers, eggplant, and sweet peppers.
Here are the babies:


Green Beans
Sweet peas


  1. It is amazing isn't it? My giant sunflowers began opening yesterday! I was soooo excited. One is over 14 feet tall! I just got a little yellow squash the other day and we'll be harvesting corn next week. I love your peas, they are so pretty :)

  2. My cucumbers are looking pathetic, I'm thinking they may not make a go of it.

    Bethany Hickner told me Sunday that cucumbers are hard to grow but that there are some round, white ones that grow GREAT in the PAC NW. I think I'll try those next year.