Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goodwill. Ewww? Not anymore :)

A friend of mine totally inspired me to find some deals at Goodwill last week. Now I'll admit, Goodwill isn't really my thing (at least it wasn't). But here comes Saturday and I'm hanging out and I have this strong feeling that we need to go to Goodwill. This actually makes me laugh since it's so opposite something I would normally feel. Craig was totally onboard since he's a born garage-sailer and I deprive him of that joy. I mean, something about garage sales weirds me out. I think it's because you're looking at other people's stuff and they're watching you look at it. It's the awkward, "hi, how are you?" , "uh, fine, thanks (and no I will not be buying your old socks)". LOL. Goodwill at least provides the anonymity. So, off to Goodwill we go. The main goal was a breadmaker since that's what my friend found. We ended up finding a Barbie Trike that we were seriously headed to Walmart to buy that day anyway, only for $5 instead of $20. I was so surprised to see it, the exact same one! Then Craig found a new Bumbo for $5 and we scored 2 dozen matchbox cars for Elly and a big Dora swim doll. We also got Elly an adorable Gymboree summer outfit for about $3.
Elly's crib bumper is crappy, it never stays up and despite that it cost like $20 at Target, it's just horrible. I figured anything would be better at this point. What we found was a beautiful Laura Ashley bumper in great shape, not missing any ties, and......only $1.50!

Ok, so the breadmaker...there was one. It looked pretty darn old and well used. I didn't recognize the brand and we decided to try the Silverdale Goodwill ( I know, right? 2 Goodwills in one day, that's a huge step for me!).
The Silverdale Goodwill as it turns out has a much different selection. They had hardly any big toys and only a handful of kitchen appliances (I guess breadmakers fly off the shelves there, so you have to check back often). The kids clothes drove me bonkers at Silverdale because they were all mixed up in different sizes. They apparently organize by 'style' not size. I remembered this from opening weekend, but figured they would've fixed it by now. The maternity clothes were the same way. In order to find size M or L pants you have to look through the whole 'pants' section since they're all mixed in together. SUCH a hassle. I have no idea why they don't do it the same way as Bremerton. I was too irritated to stay and sift through the masses of clothes. BUT, I did find another bumper (after Craig reminded me we'll be needing two). It's perhaps even nicer than the other one and it was $5. So, two great bumpers for $6.50. I couldn't have even made them for that. Craig also found a Carhartt sweatshirt for $6 and I grabbed Elly a jean jacket, too.

Once we got home I checked out breadmakers and realized the brand I didn't recognize is actually almost $200 at Target! Zojirushi, who would've known? Once we figured that out I had to send Craig back down the road to get the one from Bremerton so I could try it out. It was 7.99. Once I cleaned it it didn't look nearly as old (although judging by the manual it's probably older than me). Last night I finally got to give it a shot. And whaddya know, it makes bread!
There she is, my first beautiful loaf of good ol' white bread!

I have to admit I am shocked the machine actually worked and then totally surprised at how stinking easy it is to make bread in a bread machine! You just measure the ingredients into the baking pan and don't even have to melt the butter. Wow. I will definitely be trying other kinds of bread as we don't typically eat plain white bread in our home.
Last night it was so rewarding to look out my kitchen window and see my garden growing like crazy and then smell my breadmaker doing it's job. I pretty much love being able to do this kind of stuff and feel more self-sufficient. I honestly don't remember my mom making her own bread or growing her own veggies (sorry if you did!), so this has all been an experiment for me and I really like it :)


  1. I'm glad I inspired you and that you've discovered the gem of thriftstore shopping. I'm telling you it's a weekly thing for us! I picked up a Cusinart made for William Sonoma $200ish normally bread maker for $8! I find things new with tags all the time. Today I scored a beautiful pottery barn quilt for hannah's bed for $4! Gotta love a deal. I'm creating a post right now on my blog all about how I find deals and stuff.

  2. Great deals guys! I once found a microfiber Kate Spade purse for a friend for $3, the Macy's website had the exact same one for $250. And recently I picked up 9 sewing patterns all in my size, with 5 of them cut out in the right size. It's all about the treasure hunt.

  3. Ok...so am I missing something?
    Why do you need two bumpers...? Are you having twins? Because....I would have thought you would already have one for miss Eliana...... :)

  4. Ohhh, I was actually buying one to replace the super crappy one Elly had :)She loves to sleep crammed in the corner of her crib and we tried without a bumper for a few days but she kept waking herself up hitting her head. haha
    And then I forgot the new baby would need one, too, until Craig reminded me.