Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've been so busy this past week, the days are flying by and there's not much time left for blogging! As you in the Pacific Northwest know, there was a heat wave here last week. 94 degrees is pretty darn hot when only a supposed 14% of people have A/C in their homes (we have a window unit that works ok). Thursday was Point no Point beach with some other mommies and kiddos and the breeze kept us nice and cool. Eliana is still a bit OCD about sand in her toes. Or her fingers. Or on her blanket. Or on her snack. Etc. Not the best place for her but eventually maybe she'll get used to it. She simply hates being dirty! Friday we went to a friend's house on Lake Tahuyeh, boy was it a hot day. And I can barely remember what our weekend was but it flew by.

I am exhausted, like can barely keep my eyes open at this point. Elly is sleeping great at night so I can't complain about that, I'm just so worn out. Chasing a toddler, trying to keep up on household stuff, and grow a new baby at the same time is taking a toll. I thought the 2nd semester was supposed to mean more energy? I will keep hanging in there and hoping for more energy. Yawn.

I am 21 weeks and 2 days and it's flying by for the most part. I have a pregnancy journal and it seems every time I open it up I'm behind 2 weeks. That never would've happened my first pregnancy. I lived by my pregnancy books and would read ahead in anticipation. Now I'm lucky to find time to fill in info about doctor appointments. Poor 2nd child, already getting the shaft. She is very active though, perhaps to remind me, "hey, I'm in here!" Not that I really forget, but sometimes I kind of do. I'm running around busy all day keeping up with an almost 2 year old and then she goes to bed and I sit on the couch and it's like, oh wow, there's a baby in there! :) I feel her move every day, usually a few times per day. I didn't notice Elly's movements til maybe 20 or 21 weeks and then it was sporadic (wanna know how tired I am? I originally spelled this 'spiratic' lol) after that for a couple weeks. With this one I've been feeling her since 16 weeks and it's very consistent now.

Hmmm....what else.....the garden is doing really well. Although the heat nearly killed my sweet peas and basil. One of the pea plants was the casualty. I watered 2x a day but it just wasn't enough. The corn and zucchini never cease to amaze me, growing like crazy. I also have blueberries! I really wish when I'd planted them a few years ago I would've put them in a full sunlight area though. I don't get a great volume because of their location, but maybe I'll move them eventually.
Eliana loves eating peas out of the garden, which is rewarding as a mother on a few levels; 1) she loves veggies, 2) I grew those veggies, 3) isn't she cute!

Alright, here's the veggies today:

Corn at 3 weeks old. Thinned them out a lot today but I have more thinning to do. I hate feeling like I'm killing them though!

Sweet pepper coming in. Planted them about 3 weeks ago, they obviously take longer than corn.

And my beloved zucchini going bonkers. The leaves are so strong and incredible! It's cool to see how it grows. These large beautiful yellow flowers on a semi-thin stalk appear out of nowhere and then within days the flower falls off and the stalk becomes the zucchini. Amazing.

Totally different subject, but we are going camping this weekend with three other couples who also have small children. This will be my first foray into camping with a toddler. We have a large 2 room tent and Eliana will be in her playpen for sleeping. The lack of darkness will be tricky so I'm assuming she'll be staying up much later than 7pm at night and probably getting up a heck of a lot earlier than her 10 am wakeups this week. I figure it's only a couple days and we'll make do. She can sleep when we get home and I'm sure I will too! And lucky me the three other moms going are great cooks as well and we're sharing breakfasts and dinners. It's the way to go!
I'll let ya'll know what I learn about camping with kiddos :)


  1. Great post Diana! Enjoyed reading it with an endearing smile on my face.

    Eliana looks adorable in the new hat.

  2. I love seeing your garden. Mine has become my pride and joy this summer. I love coming out each morning to see how it has grown. It never ceases to amaze me that the plants are bigger and more developed from night to morning. I wish I could see them POP open!

    My lettuce is my favorite. Did you know you can eat the head of lettuce and then it will re-grow again?! I didn't so now I am on round 2 of red leaf lettuce.

    I'd love to compare notes, I agree about them needing more sun. I'll move some next year for sure.