Saturday, August 7, 2010

C-Sect vs. Home water birth

Perhaps it's my fears of my awful first hospital birth repeating itself, but for some reason a home birth seems more and more intriguing.
This video is graphic, so consider yourself warned. However, it's also amazing and beautiful!

A Dramatic Difference...

WARNING: video of cesarean section in progress. VERY graphic, triggers to cesarean, trauma, child treatment, and delayed mother/baby meeting.... but the HBA2C waterbirth at the end is amazing!

Cesarean vs. VBAC: A Dramatic Difference from Alexandra Orchard on Vimeo.

I was really moved seeing how awful it was for the baby being pulled out it's mama and then looking scared to death and screaming........then compare that with the home birth and the baby came out and went directly to mama's chest and didn't cry at all. I thought the c-sect looked awful and I pray my babies don't ever have to go through that.
I particularly love this video because this family conquered the 'you can't deliver a baby normally after 2 c-sects' medical community. This poor women was told 2x that her body was not capable of laboring on it's own and the process of birth was taken from her. Then she didn't even get to hold her babies for hours and hours after the unnessecary surgery.
It's kind of the same way I feel about breastfeeding. Let's not tell a women that her baby is failure to thrive and her supply can't keep up- making the mom feel like a failure- when maybe there are other issues happening, such as a tongue tie. When these mothers are loved and supported and given help to conquer the issues they learn to trust their bodies and themselves. Beautiful!

I do believe there absolutely is a need for our excellent community of trained OB's/surgeons. I have been happy so far with my OB. I just don't think that women should ever be treated as a number and lined up to receive what may be considered 'hospital protocol'. Home birth is not 'thinking outside the box'; it's been done for centuries and is still a great option for low risk, healthy pregnancies. The risk of needing a hospital or surgeon is something the parents have to willingly take on. Even in a hospital birth things can go wrong.

I feel that most OB's consider a successful pregnancy, labor, and birth end result to a be a live baby. As a mother who has been through it I will say that there are actually about a million other things that go into account for it to be considered successful, even though a live baby is of course the desired end result.
Would we say that a marriage is successful strictly because it doesn't end in divorce? NO. It takes love, committment, respect, sharing life and passion, etc.....a million other things besides just simply staying legally married.

It seems this way of thinking is actually considered 'out of the box'. I'm not exactly sure when natural childbirth and breastfeeding became rogue :) .......but the numbers of rogues are increasing and the desire to prepare, know our bodies, know our options, and advocate for ourselves is definitely not a bad thing- even if it ends up being a hospital birth with trial of labor that ends in a c-sect.


  1. I am so thankful that I was at the hospital when Carla was born. After a perfect preganacy and no issues, she was delivered and immediately rushed to a childrens hospital for emergency surgery. I didn't get to hold her for 21 days. Had I delivered at home or somewhere else, she would not be alive today. Be careful with home birth. Even if you have the best OBGYN doc in the world, unforeseen issues are out their and you want to be in the rights if that is the case. Not to freak you out or anything, just thought I would share.

  2. There is definitely a time, place, and need for major medical invention- obviously that was the case for Carla (I can't imagine not being able to hold her for so long!).

    I am bothered by the medical interventions done that aren't necessary. The pressure to deliver by 40 weeks (or else what? your body expires?), the pressure for labor to progress at a certain rate, the pressure to use drugs (pitocin, epidural, etc).....these issues are far less common in the home birth set.