Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chillin' in the motherHood

Good evening friends. Another week has passed in a blink!

My poor little angel has had a bad cold and I've been staying home mostly keeping her happy. Last Thursday was a rough day for a mom. I needed to get some things from Grocery Outlet to make a last minute casserole for a friend. Eliana had woken up sick that morning, but seemed semi-ok, meaning I could make a 15 minute run to the store ok. Right? Um, no. Two minutes after getting in the store Eliana starts coughing and coughing and was THIS close to throwing up all over in the store. Boy did I feel like mom of the year for making her go somewhere. She was in tears and just wanted to be held. Can you blame her? I got the needed items quickly and we went home. We'd only been home an hour or less and she had a sippy cup with 1/2 white grape juice and 1/2 water (she only gets this when truly sick) and she tripped and fell on her face with the sippy still in her mouth. I picked her up and she was screaming with a mouthful of blood. That is not an overstatement. Things happen and little mouths bleed pretty fast and I know to not freak out about it, but this was seriously the worst amount of blood I've seen from her. I was really worried about her little teeth. Her washcloth and blankie were covered in blood. THEN, she's coughing and crying so much she makes herself throwup- yes, the whole sippy of juice water she'd just drank. Fabulous. I almost put her in the tub but didn't think she'd make it through a bath, so I wiped her down, changed her, gave her some Tylenol, and put her down for a nap. I figured I'd assess the mouth damage when she woke up. Ugh, not a good day. I spent her nap making the casseroles I needed for the next morning and then spent the rest of the day comforting her and trying to keep her as happy as possible. The sippy cup incident was the only time she threw up, the rest of the week has consisted of a nasty cough and nasal discharge. Today she finally seems to be feeling a lot better although the symptoms still aren't totally gone. Her little mouth seems ok, although one top front tooth seems a little farther out than before :( She'll be going to the dentist soon and they can check it out.

Saturday I was gone for 9 hours to a planning meeting for a fabulous mom's group I am helping with this coming year, momsandmorepoulsbo.blogspot.com , and left Craig in charge. That was the longest he'd ever had her alone and the longest I'd ever been away from her. I left a note on the fridge of foods she likes just in case he couldn't figure out what to make her. He was planning on staying home anyway since she was sick. She had a great day with her daddy and I honestly didn't worry about her at all. I did miss her tons though and was SO happy to give her kisses when I got home. I teared up a little thinking how different my life would've been if I'd had to go back to work after having her. I can't imagine only having a couple hours max a day with my child. I feel so blessed and lucky to be in the situation I'm in even though it comes with it's own set of challenges and trials.

My garden is doing great. Yesterday Eliana had a bowl of blueberries with her dinner and Craig was eating a piece of zucchini bread and I just felt so proud. The blueberries and zucchini came from MY garden! The first zucchini to come off my plant was a whopping 13 inches :) I'm sure it would've kept growing but my grandma told me they taste best smaller and she knows her gardening. I decided to make 2 loaves of zucchini bread with it but it only used half the zucchini. I might grill the rest.


I was bummed to notice some weird little black spots on my artichoke plant a couple weeks ago and made a mental note to google and find out what the heck was going on. I didn't get around to it until today when I found out they are black blean aphids- the infamous predator to artichokes (apparently)! I was actually more concerned with the swarm of little ants overtaking the plant but it turns out they are only there to help the aphids farm the sweet nectar out of the plant. Web articles suggested to spray off or kill the aphids and just watch it closely for a reinfestation. Sadly, I waited to long to deal with it and the poor plant was overtaken. We decided to get rid of the artichoke plant rather than risk damage to my fabulous zucchini and cucumber plants very near by. Sad day. I hate to kill a living plant, which I know is sort of weird since it doesn't have feelings or anything, but I just feel like I'm growing this little food villages and I want to see them succeed. I honestly don't think I'll plant artichoke next year since they are very prone to this problem. It's too time consuming to keep them aphid free :(
My cucumber plant is doing well though and has about a 7 inch cuke so far. There are lots of little babies so it should keep going.
It's funny how the weather changes are sometimes great for my garden and sometimes not depending on the plant. The 95 degree weather was fabulous for my corn- it grew like crazy! But then it killed one of my pea plants and almost the 2nd one. This past week has been cooler and my almost dead 2nd pea plant has revived itself, but the corn has slowed it's growing. Can't please everyone I guess.

I am 24 1/2 week pregnant (or 25 according to ultrasound). Babycenter.com says my uterus is the size of a soccer ball and looking at the size of my belly- I believe it! My biggest issues at this point are forgetting to drink water and eat. I know you're thinking, "I wish I had that issue!" But honestly it's not a good issue. I'll go 6 or 7 hours or more with zero fluids and then feel hot, get a headache and wonder what's up. Then I think about it and go, "oh man, I haven't eaten anything or drank anything today!" Not good. I like water, it's not a matter of not liking it. Part of me gets tired of going pee. This sweet little baby has been happy to ride low and she puts a lot of pressure on my bladder. When I drink consistently I pee all the time. That sort of created a cycle of me not drinking because I didn't have time to pee every 5 minutes and then the cycle created a habit of no fluids. The not eating thing is not intentional or because I'm afraid of weight gain. It's because I'm busy with my toddler and life and feeding myself seems to take a backseat to most other things. I'm trying to remind myself to eat something whenever I feed Eliana and that's helping a bit. I just really need to get on track with fluid consumption. I need a butler!
Tomorrow we see our little doll again. I guess we'll know for sure if she actually is a girl. Wouldn't that be mind boggling to find out she's a he? haha

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