Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Names and Squatting :)

Names, names, names, we are totally stuck!
I had a great name in mind thinking I had the meaning right, but then I checked it later and I was wrong and it doesn't work so well. I think I feel like it's weird if our first child's name means "The Lord answers our prayers to fulfill His promises", and then our 2nd child's name means, "from the grassy hill" or something like that. Name meanings are important to us, so I at least want one of her names to be something pleasant. I think we have the first name down...although we're not totally sure yet. But finding a middle name is tricky. Part of me wants to just wait and see how we feel when we see her (about both names), but the other part of me does not like leaving it up in the air so much. What if I'm holding her and nothing comes to mind?
Time is ticking and I'm praying for a flash of lightning with a name written in the sky :)

I'm 28 weeks and 2 days along. I have my 2nd midwife appointment today, yay! As of this morning I'm up a total of 7lbs. I had hoped it be 4 or less, but the past week has not found me eating the best foods. After the zoo last week I went to Trader Joe's. Blast! Their carrot cake cookies are SO good. And then at the Fair it was a french dip sandwich, fries, and scones. Saturday we went to my Grandpa's Bakery and I had a maple bar AND an apple fritter. Quite the confessions, huh! Last night we were treated to Red Lobster by my in-laws (Thank you!) so of course it was those yummy cheddar biscuits, a baked potato with butter and sourcream, and we split the Admiral's Feast (all fried). SO, considering this past week's diet, I guess I should be happy my weight gain total is only 7lbs :) I will now be getting back on the healthy food bandwagon....after I eat some of the cinnamon-sugar bread in my bread maker right now! haha. I've been trying to compensate by having salad's with meals, protein bars during the day (at 30g protein a pop) and drinking lots of water with lemon. But overall the sugar intake needs to chill. Perhaps I was nervous I'd have gestational diabetes so I was being SUPER careful and then when I got the call that I'm good, all bets were off! But, I do know that the better physical shape I am in, the easier my labor will go. Otherwise it's like sitting on a couch eating junk for 9 1/2 months and then trying to run a marathon. Fail!

I've been reading Dr. Bradley's book Husband Coached Childbirth. I'll be honest, it's a very dry read. It's based on natural birthing in the hospital setting- although he does reference home birth here and there. His focus is exercise, healthy eating, and training for a natural birth the same way you do for a marathon. I like a lot of his principles and will be trying to incorporate those. Such as squatting. He says that for everything you normally do during the day that you bend over, squat instead. Squatting is nature's natural way for a women to birth a baby. In the squatting position your pelvic area opens a whopping 10% allowing the baby to drop into the birth canal and come into the world. That is versus the typical hospital method of laying flat/slightly elevated with your legs in stirrups or held up by coaches where the pelvic area actually closes by 10%. No wonder there is so much 'failure to progress' or 'the baby is too big', etc. Squatting also places the uterus right out in front in the healthiest position- not compromising any blood flow to the mother or baby. Squatting allows the amniotic sac to have adequate pressure during a contraction to break when the baby is ready to enter the birth canal and squatting also helps with dilation and stretching the vaginal opening enough so that a tear or episiotomy is less likely (apparently baby girl wants me to squat- she's going crazy in my belly right now!). I will hopefully be doing a water birth, but squatting can also be done in a birthing tub. It seems ideal to have your spouse behind you to brace you and hold you up during a contraction, that way you're not just squatting on your own accord and getting those 'wobbly, tired legs'. Another reason to train I suppose- build up those muscles! I'm sure my husband will be wearing swim shorts and I guess we'll see where I'm at mentally as far as what I'm wearing! Right now I picture a cotton nursing/sports bra at least, but from all the stories of home births I'm reading it seems that during the labor process people tend to lose their clothes :) Even in a relaxed, trained mother the muscles in the uterus contract so heavy that those contractions alone cause quite a bit of sweating.

Alright, the toddler is up from her nap, off I go!


  1. Oh girl!
    We haven't decided on a name yet and I'm pretty much due....NOW! :) We've gone back and forth and I would love to settle on a name before the little miss arrives....I just haven't had that 'feeling' about it yet. It could actually be one of those we've been talking about for months....but just hasn't given me the "I"M IT!! I"M IT!!!" whatever. :/
    anyway...don't stress about it :) it'll come. eventually. :)
    your birthing option sounds pretty cool....i would LOVE to do a water birth but they don't offer those at our hospital.
    hope you are feeling well!!
    talk to ya later....! hopefully we'll be announcing our little miss' arrival SOON!!!

  2. Girl I just gained 10 pounds reading what you ate! I am so proud of you that you have only gained 7 that is amazing! I really hope if I ever do get pregnant that I take care of myself like you. Missing you tons! I wish you all the best on your water birth!