Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flashback pics, etc :)

I've been having fun this past week finding old clothes of mine from my childhood and dressing Elly up in them :)
We even found my old dedication gown, although we didn't know about it and didn't put Elly in it :( We can use it for the new baby though!

My brother and I had superman and supergirl jammies as kids and we LOVED them. We'd run around the house 'flying' and being superheros. Eliana now gets to wear them and loves them too!
Eliana in my old Supergirl pj's!

Eliana in my old red 2 piece snap jammies

Me in the Supergirl jammies and also the red set :)

9-6-10 Eliana wearing my old hat (and that's my old 'baby', too)!

And just because I was SO cute, here's some pics :)

My 2nd birthday

5 years old with my dad (who was visiting) and brother

3rd Birthday

With my bestest friend, so fashionable!

With the bestie again. How cute were we?
She is married and has two girls now. I am married and......also two girls!

Me and my other bestie, my cousin! Our moms used to dress us up like twins sometimes :)

Me and my big bro. I was 3 and he was 5. He was tall then and still is at 6'8"!

So cute :) We think this looks a lot like Elly when she was little- chubby cheeks, very focused.

4 years old and already cleaning (on vacation!). I also started washing dishes this summer.

Classic pics with my bro :)

Alright, enough flashbacks for now!!!

Monday we went to the Blackberry Festival in Bremerton and looked around and managed to literally spend $0! Afterwards we took Elly to the fountain park and she LOVED it. Her first thought and word when she saw it was, "WOW!!!" haha

Such a little sweet, ham. We love her so much!
Her vocabulary is increasing every day and it's getting easier to understand what she's saying. Yesterday at Lowes she said Spongebob (where'd she learn that? We don't even watch that show!) and owl :) She also made sure I added daddy in our evening prayers, "please help Elly sleep good tonight and have sweet dreams, " And Daddy! ~ Elly, "yes, and daddy, too. Please make Elly feel safe and know how much she is loved, " And Daddy!~ Elly, "yes, and daddy, too."
Today I said, "I love you, " to her while we were driving and she quickly added, "and daddy!" haha

I am 29 1/2 weeks and time keeps passing quickly. I feel pretty good for the most part. My wedding ring still fits and I seem to mostly just be growing in the belly region. And boy is it growing!
Tomorrow I see a chiropractor who specializes in prenatal care. The purpose is to get the baby in the best position possible to have easier labor and try to avoid back labor. Hopefully we can also alleviate the minor lower back pain I've been having. I figure with all the money I'm not spending on dr's appointments now I might as well spend a little on something that will make my natural birth easier for me :)


  1. Elly totally looks like you in some of those baby pictures! So cute!