Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day weekend! Here's some interesting history about what Labor Day is and why we celebrate it: . Most of us are all for celebrating something that means another day off work! Craig takes 2 three day weekends a year and this is one of them :)

Eliana and I went to my mom's house on Thursday to make homemade raspberry freezer jam. My mom has been making it every year since as long as I can remember. I've helped before, but it had been a long time. We made 13 batches which filled 27ish large jars :) I got to take 7 jars home, yum! Eliana has acquired a snobby jam tongue- she only likes the homemade stuff on her pb&j, she won't touch store bought. After a long day of jam making my mom, sister, and I really wanted Thai food. I decided to stay the night with Elly and we ordered take out from Aroy Dy (yum!). Friday Craig ended up working til almost 10pm so Elly and I stayed the night again. Saturday Craig came out to Poulsbo and we walked around Central Market while Elly napped at my moms. It was fun to walk around and take our time. Shopping with a 2 year old is not so leisurely! Then we all stayed the night Saturday so that Craig and I could go out to dinner that night after Elly went to sleep. We were going to get Thai food since I've wanted it my whole pregnancy and Bremerton has none, but decided to go to the Seafood Buffet at Clearwater Casino since we hadn't gone in literally 2 years. They've remodeled in that time and added a salad bar and pasta bar. The food was so yum. My biggest issue is that I can't eat as much as I wish I could! I get full so fast and the baby is already cramping my stomach space. I would've eaten twice as much if I could've! We laughed and enjoyed having 2 hours for dinner at our own pace, not that of the squirrelly two year old we're handing food, crayons, drinks, toys (anything we can to keep her occupied!) etc. Being a parent is so rewarding and fulfilling and I would never go back to life before children- but it sure does change things! I think it's funny anytime Craig and I are out without Eliana because people look at us like, "oh how cute, they're going to have a baby. Little do they know how much life will change," (the same thing I chuckle to myself when a friend gets pregnant for the first time, hehe), but in our case we DO know how much it'll change and this isn't our first ride at the fair! It's just funny. We could have 5 kids at home for all people know :)
It's Sunday afternoon and we're home and unpacked. Craig is thinking about all the things he wants to get done in the next 24 hours and we're heading to Costco after Elly wakes up. Weekends always go by far too fast.

Our home also came off the market last Tuesday. We'd only had one person come see it since May and it just seemed the right time to call it good and stop trying. Now we can feel more settled and get the house ready for the baby. I'm a little bummed, it would've been great financially for us to sell and be able to rent or buy something cheaper, but it wasn't God's timing. We'll try again in a year or two I think. We may be able to refi to help with the money situation.


  1. It was a blessing and a fun time being with each of you.

  2. Oh man I remember how annoying it was to get full so quickly and then almost just as quickly be hungry again. lol.

    I had always imagined being pregnant and going to buffets as that would be the economical thing to do... not so!

    Glad your pregnancy is going well and you were able to spend some time with family and your hubby before baby #2 arrives!