Sunday, September 26, 2010

Organizing weekend and making space when there is none

Craig and I spent Friday night (til midnight) and all day Saturday getting the house organized and ready for baby girl coming in 8ish weeks. It was quite a process and pretty exhausting- especially with Craig being really sick!
Eliana went to her grandma's for the night and we went to work.
Step one was putting together the 2nd crib. Some people have asked why Eliana is still in a crib and for me it's because she's still so little (not even 2 yet), has never tried to crawl out of it, and it keeps me from having to worry about her playing when she's supposed to be sleeping. It's still functioning very well for us so no point in changing right now. Both of the girls cribs are convertible, so whenever they're ready for a toddler bed we'll just convert their cribs.
After the crib was set up we kind of got stuck and needed to go to the store to find some things. Storage containers, diaper stacker, contoured changing pad and cover, sound machine (Elly has one, needed one for our room), and another dresser. Eliana has a 4 drawer dresser and it's literally full. With only one tiny closet there was no way we could try and fit both girls things in the one small dresser.
Off to Walmart we went hoping to find lots of things and literally didn't find anything we needed! What a waste of time. Next was Target and they had underbed storage and the dresser (I looked online at every retailer and also checked Craigslist and Target's was the best price), but no diaper stacker, sound machine, and the changing pad was too pricey. So then we went to Toys R Us. They also didn't have a diaper stacker (what in the world!), sound machine, and their changing pad was too pricey also. So, home we went feeling a bit defeated that we couldn't find simple things in the store. I found them all on and ordered them. Craig put the dresser together.
So, Thursday night I had an epiphany during one of my 5 evening bathroom pee trips- why the heck do I sleep on the side of bed farthest from the door and bathroom??? I decided we needed to rearrange the room so I'd be on the other side. That meant my night stand would need to be moved (our room is too small for Craig to also have one), and the huge dresser would need to be moved so the bassinet could fit on my side of the room. This all turned into a bit of a huge task. Moving all the furniture and the bed created a huge allergy attack for me thanks to all the stirred up dust! Even after 2 years of allergy shots I am still very allergic to dust mites (both kinds). We managed to move all the furniture and vaccum under everything. I then had to take a shower in order to go to sleep. Once I am covered in dust mites it's the only solution. Finally around 12:15am we went to sleep.
The next morning we made a list of stuff we needed to continue and we headed to Walmart again. Luckily the 2nd time was more successful. We got tons of storage bins since we kind of have to. We can't just throw everything away that we don't have room for otherwise we wouldn't have anything left! The stuff we needed to store was: gift wrapping supplies, beach towels, water toys, extra crib blankets, sheets, waterproof pads,etc,  misc toiletries that don't fit in our bathroom that doesn't have a vanity, etc. These are things we need but don't have closets, pantries, etc to store them in.
We also picked up a $10 behind the door shoe storage thing-y to put all the girls shoes in. These are pretty handy for kids shoes since you can fit one pair in each slot. For whatever reason the metal hooks don't work over our doors and we can't close the doors all the way if we mount them that way. Craig took the hooks out and we mounted it on the wall behind the girl's bedroom door. We quickly filled our purchased storage bins and now have one under Elly's crib and 3 under our bed. We also bought 2 'Banker's Boxes', one for each girl. It's good to have a place to put keepsakes and store them separately for each child. These boxes will be stored on shelving in the basement.
I then went about the task of sorting Elly's clothes for anything to small or out of season, then cleaning, boxing and labeling them. Then I unpacked all the baby clothes and put them away. They were already clean and ready to go from when I boxed them up after Elly outgrew them.
There was lots more organizing and moving of boxes from our house to the basement that happened and then it was cleaning time.

Storage boxes with the girl's clothes. I wash them and fold them and store them in the basement in these labeled boxes.

The girls room with 2 cribs and 2 dressers. Elly's is the one on the right.

Shoe storage. The clear compartments make it easy to see what they have when you're hurriedly getting everyone dressed.

The one little closet they share.

Extra diapers and wipes are stored here and the empty box is for outgrown clothes. With little babies especially it's nice to have a box to toss the clothes in when you discover they no longer fit. When the box is full I wash, sort, and store the clothes.

 Shelving in the little closet. The bottom shelf is kids books that Elly can reach. The shelf above that has my gift wrapping supplies stored.

'Under bed storage container' full of extra crib sheets, blankets, etc. Things you want handy at 2am when your kiddo is throwing up!

Baby's crib and Elly's dresser and changing area. Craig built the wipe/cream caddy that is on the right.

Baby's dresser. Filled with clothes, socks, hats, bibs, etc.

Our room. Weird angle here. The bookshelf was in Elly's room. Craig is on that side of the bed now. I'm nearest the door and basinett.

Our one side table and also the filing cabinet that was in Elly's room.

See how tricky life is in a small house? There's tons of stuff in storage bins in the basement. We can only have things in the house that we need and use on a regular basis. Everything else goes in the basement and honestly we've already sold everything we can on Craigslist and Ebay.
We also managed to pack up the baby car seat (all cleaned and ready), our homebirth kit (almost ready, just needs a few more things), and all of Eliana's wrapped birthday presents to my mom's house!

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  1. The girls room is very cute. Nice job Craig and Diana. Your baby clothes tubs look like the tubs I had stacked for years in our old basement. Clear tubs are so nice. You can immediately see what is in them without having to open them.
    I still have the labeled tubs, just fewer as I give the treasured clothes from you kids to you. Good job!!