Friday, September 24, 2010

quick updates :)

Had a midwife appointment for last Tuesday but needed to postpone it since my miwife was delivering her 4th baby of the week! Sure, an OB can deliver 4 babies in a day.....but a midwife is with the mom from start to finish (hours and hours), not just checking in here and there and catching, so delivering 4 is really a lot. All 4 were healthy babies and mamas :)
We were a bit concerned about my blood pressure after the appointment 2 weeks prior. At the end of my appointment it was around 150/99- yikes! I felt like that had a lot to do with me being upset that Elly was sitting there screaming (rare for her and really bothers me).  I drank more water and prayed my bp would get better. With my appointment being postponed a week my midwife had me to go Fred Meyer and use their machine to check my bp. I took it 4 times before shopping, shopped for an hour, and took it four times after. It was 142/80 before shopping and 135/74 after shopping (averages of the 4 each time). Definitely better than the reading at my last midwife appointment! 130/70 is about normal for me this pregnancy, so it's still a tad high, but not anything scary. The weird thing is that I'm pretty sure if I'd had a reading of 150/99 at the OB's they would've freaked out and done who knows what. That's basically what happened when I was induced with Eliana only it wasn't even that high. There may have been other factors such as protein in the urine, but since they never told me anything as far as I know it was based on the high reading I had the morning they all the sudden said I needed to be induced. They never gave me a chance to relax, take time, try again, etc. I'm thankful for a midwife in these situations. She's so calm and has seen so many moms and babies that she knows to give the body a little wiggle room before doing anything drastic.

I went to my prenatal chiropractor today. She said the baby moved to my right side (she had been laying with her spine on my left side which is ideal for labor). Her head is still down, but my pelvis was all locked up tight, probably from me falling about a week ago, so she moved :( Her current position makes her more likely to rotate transverse during labor and cause me to have back labor. She is also pressing against my liver which is quite uncomfortable. When she was on the left side she only had to press against the spleen which is soft and not uncomfortable for me. There is definitely still time for her to move and that's what we'll work towards.

My sweet little girl is spending the night at grandma's house right now and the hubs and I are getting the house ready for the baby. Setting up the crib, getting the bassinett and carseat ready, getting out the baby clothes, organizing, running to Target and Walmart for supplies, etc. There's seriously a lot to do to make a 763 sq ft home work for 4 people and all their things!
Craig just finished the crib, I better go get busy!

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  1. A midwife at a hospital was not the same experience. Similar to a doctor she came in to check on me every 30 min but I labored with the nurse. Granted I didn't really labor much at all since I was at 10cm within a couple hours of arriving.