Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To the wonderful nurses and MD's :)

To the nurses and medical workers, in regards to births:

I feel like it's important to say that I do not feel negatively towards nurses and MD's. I feel negatively about the 'system' that America has in place. I believe that medical professionals are often victims of their training and the way things are done in America and have been done here for a while now. Many Ob's have never witnessed a home birth or a completely natural birth by the time they finish their residency.
Some Ob's and nurses approach birth moreso the way a midwife does- that it is natural and healthy until proven otherwise. These medical professionals are affectionately called M(midwives)D(inDisguise)'s by Ina May Gaskin :) Some Ob's feel they can make more change by being in the community of Dr's than in the community of midwives and for that I applaud them.
Some nurses see the total value in the mother having freedom of movement and the ability to eat and drink during labor when she wants to- these nurses make such a positive difference in the labor and delivery process for the mother! I was blessed to have a nurse (with Eliana) that had been a midwife for many years (in the UK I think) prior to becoming an RN. I didn't get to have her the whole time since I labored for so long, but I enjoyed the hours I did get her. She looked me in the eyes and asked me how I was doing rather than going straight to the monitors and printouts and grunting a quick 'hi' to me. She could've given lessons to the other nurses :)
I have several nurse friends that actually work in Labor and Delivery at various hospitals. I know they feel differently about a lot of things than me when it comes to the labor process and birthing at home. I don't really blame them. They are a product of their training and experience. In the rare times that a homebirth mother is transferred to a hospital, who sees her??? The L&D nurses. They see the horror stories and that shapes their worldview on the safety and responsibility of homebirths. I totally get it.
I'm sure that I have offended RN's and MD's by my posts and I apologize for that. I can't apologize for my opinions and views, but I truly do value RN's and MD's. My comments about American hospitals are not meant to be a sucker punch to the medical community of friends that I have. I'm sure it feels that way. I was in banking during the worst part of the recession. EVERY SINGLE DAY someone commented in the paper, a blog, facebook, to my face, etc how much they hated banks, mortgage lenders, etc, etc, etc. Sometimes it did feel personal. I knew that banks had made mistakes and things happened that never should've happened or been allowed to happen. But did that change the fact that I worked extremely hard 6 days a week trying to make things better for my customers? Absolutely not. I was a victim of the system I was in.

While banking and medical care are different, I feel that the analogy is fair and I think I do get how it can feel a bit personal. I hope I can be trusted when I say that it's not and if something does happen and I need to go to a hospital, I'm glad I'll have people that work so hard doing what they do taking care of me.

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