Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Any day......we hope :)

It would appear I am arriving into the 'not so fun' part of pregnancy. I'm tired, achy, big, just want to be done. I had a good midwife appointment last night. Baby has dropped quite a bit since 2 weeks ago and her head is down in good position (for now).

On the ultrasound we could see little particles of vernix floating in the amniotic fluid and also very small specks of calcium in the placenta. At first I was thinking, 'uh, as in my placenta is crapping out???' My midwife assured me it looks like a good, healthy placenta and is just getting ready for labor- the small calcium spots are totally normal as we get close to labor. Ohhhh, ok. She is thinking I will most likely not go over 40 weeks, so it could be any day. Although I'd hate to get my hopes up and then be mad if I go to 42, you know? So, we'll see.

My belly button is completely flat, my wedding ring still miraculously fits on and off, feet are a tad swollen, and I've gained 21lbs. And yes, it's stressing me out. I'm bothered by that number as I didn't want to gain more than 15lbs total. I have to tell you though, I think a lot of that 21lbs is fluid. Partially me retaining fluid, and then a lot of the extra fluid in my belly. There were big pockets of it in the ultrasound last night. Baby girl has quite a nice cushion. Not to mention she might weigh 7lbs already! I can only do what I can to be healthy, drink water, and prepare for labor. And then hopefully the weight will melt off after delivery like it did with Eliana (-26lbs in 6 weeks).

What I'm working on now is tying up loose ends in my life. The little things that nag my brain and might keep me from being relaxed and ready to have this baby. For instance, Craig and I switched auto/home insurance companies a few months ago and I'm STILL trying to get it all finished. It wasn't supposed to be my battle in the first place since the new company promised they'd take care of everything. But, since emails and calls from Craig to them go unreturned 99% of the time and even emails to corporate go unanswered, that leaves Craig and me in the position of having to try and sort it all out week after week. The old company still owes us $160. They took it in error 1 month ago and it's been a heck of a time trying to get it back. The way my brain works won't allow me to forget about that $160. I think about it every day and quite frankly need it to pay bills- but that aside it's still bothering me because it's unresolved. I HATE things that are unresolved. I HATE lack of follow through and flakiness and that's what we've been dealing with. There are several things going on like this in my life and it's really just stupid. Why I am as the customer being put out? It's crappy business etiquette.

Ina May Gaskin talks a lot about the mother and her role mentally in having a speedy labor and even labor starting. I want to feel free to have this baby whenever it's time. Not be worried about all the little things I'm supposed to be doing or babysitting people and/or companies that can't seem to figure out how to do their jobs. These little details nag at me and I have to have them resolved in order to move on. Or I suppose these companies could put me on their payroll since I'm doing all their work for them and then that might help how I'm feeling! :)

I just finished reading Lady's Hands, Lion's Heart by Carol Leonard. It was pretty good. I definitely prefer the vibe and stories of Baby Catcher better, but it was still a good read. Carol has worked a lot of the last few decades with Teddy Charvet who was the first President of MANA (Midwifes Alliance of North America).......AND who just so happened to deliver me! It was pretty surreal reading about these women and their huge role in getting midwifery out from the underground and making it legislated and legal and then to think that one of them actually caught me 27 years ago. I'm thinking I'll send her an email and tell her about me- she lives on Bainbridge Island now.

Anywho, off to pee. TMI? Uh, no, well all know preggo women pee every 10 seconds :)

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  1. I love you and want to help "ease" your labor.... Tell me what to do to make that happen!!!