Friday, October 8, 2010

Haven't updated on my garden in a while, so here's a few new pics:
Baby Corn! I planted these from seed the end of June- meaning way late, but they are still trying to give me some produce :)

Ok, in hindsight, I should've planted them on the other side of the box because they block the sun from my eggplant and zucchini now. Oops!


Baby Winter Squash. Not sure what kind this is yet, I planted seeds from a 4 type seed packet. Hoping it's acorn or spaghetti :)

Ah, the beauts- green beans, cucumbers, and a winter squash stretching out towards the front.

Green beans!

Scrawny transplanted corn. So, when I needed to thin out my corn (which I should've done more of) I felt so bad just throwing away the little stalks that I decided to try and plant them somewhere else and see what happens. They are growing, albeit thin and even have some baby corn growing! Yay for endurance :)

This first year of gardening has been a good lesson in what to plant, what not to plant and how to do it better next year. Next year I intend to have carrots, cucumber, corn, zucchini, peas, chives, basil, maybe rosemary and lettuce, and then winter squash later.

The problem I'm having now with my veggies is slugs and snails. It's been a big problem for about a month. The wetter the weather, the happier the slugs and snails are :( I have Slug-O out like crazy, but I still find little snails all over stuff in broad daylight, and judging by my dying zucchini and peas the slugs are making visits every night as well. So frustrating! We did the beer thing one night and it was entertaining, but honestly I just don't see myself putting fresh beer in a container every night. And coffee grounds- tried that too. They just end up getting moldy-eww.  Anyway, we trek on! I'm proud of my corn at least. I planted it so late in the season and it's trying so hard to produce fruit. Gardening has a lot of analogies for life doesn't it?

Today has been a nice day at home with my little girl. Went to the chiropractor this morning and then we've been home the rest of the day. Which isn't to say I'm doing nothing- it's been lots of emails and time in Word (unfortunately I mean Microsoft Word, not the Bible) for the mom group I co-coordinate. Yesterday was one of our meeting days and it was super fun. My mom came and was our speaker for food and kitchen organization. We have a great group of moms and it's always special to see who God brings to the group.
It was a long day for me though. I got up at 6:45am and didn't get home until 9:15pm since I had worship team practice last night. I think I made it bed around 11:30pm. I was pooped and am still feeling it today. That's a long day for a 3rd trimester mama with an almost 2 year old!

Today the chiropractor said I'm looking good, we just need to keep working on getting baby girl in the best position we can. She's posterior on my right side at the moment. Ideally she'd be on my left side. It's possible that she isn't able to just slide over based on wherever the placenta is. We're trying to have her rotate back along my spine rather than out in front like they usually do. For rotating in front they suggest being on all fours and hiney in the air, too. This week we're going to try me laying on my back for a few minutes before I lay on my left to see if she can move that way instead. She may end up just staying on the right, which is ok, but we'll want her anterior- spine right out front- for the best labor for me. At any rate I'm hardly having back pain anymore which is fabulous. My lower back was not so great a couple months ago from this huge ball in front and now I'm pretty much fine. If I overdo it or carry Elly on my left hip then my left lower back will give me trouble- but it's fairly rare now.

I'll be 34 weeks on Sunday and will have Craig take a pic- we'll see if I like it or not! My weight gain is 14lbs total as of yesterday. Sort of weird how I only gain in the 3rd trimester, but ok I guess. Taking my own blood pressure at home regularly is going fabulously. I have taken it 9 times in the last 6 days and have not had one bad reading. My average seems to be 126/78- good!

Not sure how to close this entry, but my brain just shut off, so I guess that's our closure. Time to go find my lemon water and see if my brain will turn back on! :)

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