Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nearly 36 weeks

Well, according to the ticker on the side of my blog I have 31 days until my estimated due date. I am feeling very pregnant and that it is definitely coming. My fundus is measuring 40 weeks thanks to the pockets of water giving baby girl tons of cushion. When my water breaks, it's going break! Niagra Falls here we come! Hopefully it'll happen in the birth tub and then we won't have any mess to deal with.

I am experiencing pelvic/pubic pain that I never had with Eliana. It's like being punched in the crotch, although the actual va-jay-jay is fine. Hmmm,  I liked that saying a lot more when Oprah wasn't throwing it around every episode. Time to find a new nickname for the lady part. Apparently this pain is more common with 2nd and subsequent pregnancies and commonly happens around the 35 week mark. Sometimes it's Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction-, which is a separating of the symphysis pubis bone (the Wikipedia description and picture is helpful). Not sure if that's exactly what's going on. For me it is a general aching, as if I have a bad bruise, from the groin to the upper thighs. It's quite uncomfortable. It hurts the most after walking a lot or getting in and out of bed. My chiropractor said the baby has probably dropped and is putting a lot of pressure on my bones now. That is good, so I'm trying to remember these are good pains! For most women the SPD pain goes away after delivery, a few continue to have aching for several months as things get back to normal. At any rate I have a good chiropractor and I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. Baby is making sure I have to slow down a bit!

I'm super tired. The burst of energy you are supposed to get before baby comes has not come yet. I just want to crawl in bed and stay there. But alas, this mommy has a sweet little 2 year old that wants to read and play all day.

I thought I wouldn't end up feeling too crowded since I never really did with Eliana, but there is literally a little butt right between my ribs when I sit down. I can press on it and it moves a tad and bounces right back up. I'm slightly nervous about how big this baby will be, but I believe that God grows babies our bodies can deliver (generally speaking and GD aside). Whether she's 7lbs or 10lbs, she's gonna come out and I'll survive. And because I'm an overachiever I'll probably be more proud of myself if she is big! haha!

Anywho, blood pressure continues to be perfect with my 1-2x daily checks. It was a little high this morning, but that was definitely stress caused. It's fine now. Starting next week I'll be on weekly checkups with my midwife and the home visit will be in a week and a half.

I'm pretty much just super curious when baby girl is going to decide to grace us with her presence and how the whole labor and delivery will go. I'm also kind of excited to start labor spontaneously and out of the blue since I was robbed of that experience last time.

Ok, having major braxton hicks contractions today. ugh! They are not painful and are not increasing in intensity or frequency, but they are uncomfortable! Between the crotch bruise and the rock hard uterus I'm feeling like an alien has abducted my body, thankfully she is a very cute little alien :)

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