Monday, November 8, 2010

13 days til my EDD. As much as I want to get on with things and just have this baby already- I have to admit that every day I'm still pregnant and she has the right to pick her birthday is a small victory I think. Eliana was already 5 days old by this point in my pregnancy. I'd endured 50plus hours of labor in a horrible induction and we'd been home for 3 days by the time I would've been 38 weeks.
This sweet little girl is happy and kicking away and is not ready yet as is obvious by her decision to not start labor yet. What exactly starts labor is up for dispute a bit but there are some interesting studies happening showing the link between the baby's lungs releasing the protein 'surfactant' once they are ready and that starting labor. Makes sense right? Clearly miscommunication can happen when a mother goes into labor at 28 weeks or is still pregnant at 44 weeks....I'll be curious to see what the studies find as the next couple years go on.
That's a big ol' belly! Hello 38 weeks.

Eliana wanted to pose by the door, too :)

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