Wednesday, November 3, 2010


18 days. That's now what the ticker says. It'll say 17 days in 30 minutes. But who's, me! It's a fairly well known fact from this blog that I will avoid induction as much as is humanly possible without harm to myself or the baby. We may do a 'magic milkshake' if I go postdate- that would be castor oil. I'm hoping the usual natural methods will do the job; Raspberry leaf tea, Evening Primrose Oil, and love contractions and prostaglandins....aka- intimacy.
I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions for several weeks now. They happen every day and usually all throughout the day. Last Sunday I had what I would call 'real' contractions for almost a whole hour. They were about a minute long and 2 minutes apart. And they definitely got Craig's hopes up! I didn't want a baby born on Halloween so I was glad when they fizzled out. I call them 'real' because they were regular, more intense, and just plain felt different. I could sense them coming and then they would radiate all the way up my belly and up the sides and then form this huge muscle ball right in the middle- you could literally see it. Since then it's been back to semi-regular braxton hicks. And I should note that I never had a single braxton hicks with Eliana. I never had a contraction until I was literally in labor. This time around my uterus is getting a lot of practice!
From last Tuesday to last night my placenta has changed some more. Didn't appear to be a whole lot more calcium, but the edges of it look a little frayed now. Apparently this is normal as your placenta prepares to separate :) YAY!
I'm uncomfortable at this point. My belly is so big. I can't reach anything and it's a huge pain in the butt if I drop something and there's no one to help pick it up. Clothes that always fit no matter what, don't fit. I know tons of people who'd probably say, "well at least you can get pregnant!" And to that I would say, "yes, I agree. I feel very blessed to have a 2 year old and this 2nd baby coming soon and I thank Jesus for them every day. That blessing doesn't however take away the pain and uncomfortableness that the female body goes through cramming a 7-9lb baby into the cavity formerly full of organs." What do you think happens to the bladder, stomach, lungs, etc? They get totally and nearly completely squished!  The extra fluid that is distending my uterus is not helping anything. Women with polyhydramnios (extra fluid) can sometimes have babies with issues. My midwife said she feels confident and fine that this baby is healthy because of the 3 ultrasounds I had with my OB and also that I did the quad screen. If there was a spinal issue it would've been found. And I feel confident that Dr. Quimby wouldn't have given me her blessing to transfer to midwifery care at 26 weeks if she had seen anything that would cause concern. So, in my case, it's just a lot of extra fluid. Who the heck knows why. I also read something this week about an anterior placenta making a women's belly bigger. With Elly my placenta (and also her) were posterior- near my spine. This time the placenta and baby are out front.

Baby girl is very active and kicking up a storm. She has her definitely napping times and when she's awake- she's awake! Eliana is so excited and a tad anxious to meet her little sister. She started saying ,"hi sissy!" today to my belly instead of just, "hi baby!" She kisses and hugs my belly and tries to pat the baby's back (not sure how that works). And she asks every day when the baby is coming 'home' or 'back'. She is a total little mommy. She changes her baby doll's diapers and feeds them and pats their back so they can burp. She won't go anywhere without a baby, diaper, and bottle. I have to hide them or have them 'nap' in the car so we won't lose them running errands. She panics when she drops "baby's milk, uh oh! uh oh! OH NO!" in the car....yes, that's literally her reaction and then she starts crying. She is a good little mommy :)
I'm still a little sad that she won't be my only anymore and that I'll have to share my hugs and kisses. I know that as soon as I'm holding this new baby my love will just be multiplied and I'll love this little one more than I could imagine. But right now only having Elly to hug and kiss it's hard to comprehend having enough hours in the day to love two little girls as much as I love Elly. God works it out I know.

Craig and I tried to narrow down the name a few nights ago and I think just made it worse. Instead of going, "oh yeah that's the one", we said, "oh wait, that's a nice one, too and that one and that one!" Oh dear :)
So, we're not being sneaky and secretive, we seriously don't know what we're going to name her. I'm praying God will make it clear the name He wants for her.

Alright, the alarm will come way too early tomorrow morning. It's been one of those days!

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  1. I'm excited for the arrival of this petite baby girl.
    I remember feeling the same way towards the end of my pregnancy with Myles (how can I possibly give this baby what is already Maxx's???) It just works out. : ) God is amazing at what he does and gives us!