Wednesday, November 24, 2010

40w3d :)

Oh my goodness, I am SO glad to have the power back on! It went out Monday at 6:45pm and came back on Tuesday night at 11:45pm. I was busy reading Breaking Dawn by flashlight.

Mostly I was having tv/internet/radio withdrawls, but no lights and the knowledge that this baby can start labor at any time and there is a blizzard outside, wasn't too comforting.

Yesterday Craig and I went to the hospital for a BioPhysicalProfile for baby girl. Basically an ultrasound where they are looking for specific things. Pretty much baby girl couldn't have possibly scored any better- 8 out of 8 and it was quick to get those numbers. The 2 ultrasound techs were shocked and actually chuckling the whole time about how busy she was. They said they were sort of  dreading doing a BPP on an 'overdue' mama since they usually take a long time to get the right movement counts- but not me! Baby girl made it a cinch. It was little tricky to count her breathing because she wouldn't stop moving. She was literally kicking my placenta and the ultrasound wand and then doing full twirls- all while head down thankfully :) When we saw her profile for a few seconds she had her fist in her mouth and her cheeks were actually chubby! I'm not going to announce her 'estimated weight' because I sort of think those are dumb and can set us up for emotional stress if the baby is 'too big' or 'too small', but I will say she is fat and happy :)

To see the basic scoring for a BPP and how it works, please see:
Seeing baby yesterday made me SO excited to meet her. This time around I feel like I've been pregnant forever since I found at about 3 days pregnant (thanks to charting) and I'm now 3 days 'over' my EDD based on ovulation. With Elly we found out at 5 weeks and then she was taken 3 weeks early- so I'm basically experiencing a 2 month longer pregnancy now- in terms of how long I'm aware of it and how long it's lasting. Seeing her dance and gum her fist and her adorable nose and cheeks melted our hearts and I can't wait to hold and kiss her. I'm also glad that she will probably be stronger and definitely fatter than Elly was. I'm praying she'll be an agressive nurser and come out fighting and pink :)
My blood pressure has been pretty good. I didn't take it at all yesterday. I figured with the stress of no power, driving to Silverdale on icy roads and the impending BPP (which turned out fabulous so I shouldn't have worried) my BP wouldn't have been great. Today it's been about 127/77. I need to catch up on water drinking today and it should get even better.

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again- I almost can't believe that God has worked to allow me to be this pregnant. After having Elly at 37 weeks I guess I never thought that I'd be allowed to carry a baby until that baby wanted to come. I figured I'd always be induced or at least under a ton of pressure to induce and that blood pressure issues would haunt me. So being over 40 weeks and having a healthy baby and a healthy me is so great!
Today we're doing some Thanksgiving food prep so I'll be occupied. I will add that I did buy some castor oil at Target yesterday since it was $1.50 and I figured I might as well have it just in case- but I don't plan on taking it until I need to, despite Craig joking he will put it in my drink. I'd prefer labor to start laxative free, that's for sure!


  1. Now that it's over, I can say I was stressed for you during the big storm! You were in my prayers! Glad to hear she's looking great and ready to meet you.

  2. Thanks Heather :)
    The storm was making me uneasy, too. I was worried about my midwife getting here safely. I figured, well, if baby decides this is the time- then it'll be ok and God will provide. I sure as heck wasn't about to try driving to the hospital in those 40mph winds! But alas, here we are, still prego. I'm wondering how many more days she's going to make us wait!