Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Home Visit; 39w3d

Had our home visit with the midwife today, we are ready to go for baby's arrival :)

I've had several people ask if I've been 'checked' or anything and basically I'm not totally against being checked, but have seen no reason if it's just to see the progress on dilation. I figured if it was needed for something else then we'd go ahead and do it.

Baby's heartbeat seemed in a weird position today and since I have so much fluid I am the ideal candidate for my baby to turn breech or sideways, which is not ideal! We decided to do an internal check to make sure her head is down. Thank the Lord it is still down! That's not to say she can't or won't switch around in the next few days, but we'll keep praying she doesn't. If she had been breech or sideways we would've gone to my chiropractor to move her around. My midwife says things are getting soft- like lips versus the tip of a nose earlier in pregnancy and I'm about 2cm. That means 8cm to go, which can happen overnight or can also take 2 weeks. You just never know.

My blood pressure has been good (yay!) and any swelling or puffiness is just normal at this point in the pregnancy. My wedding ring still fits on and off which is insane to me. I couldn't wear it for half of my pregnancy with Eliana. Today there was a bit of protein in my urine, but every other week it's always been negative, so we'll see what it is next time and not freak out since BP and swelling are both great. Occasionally there's a fluke reading of protein and then it's fine after that.

We're also ordering a bio-physical profile (fancy ultrasound) to check baby's size, position, and all that. We'll get a clearer picture of just exactly how much fluid there is. AND we can triple check that this actually is a girl! haha

I'm praying for contractions to start asap :) I've had 3 nights of amazing sleep and we are ready to meet her!

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