Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She's HERE!!!

Nov 29th I went to the chiropractor and everything looked good. Baby girl was on the left side in perfect position. After that we headed to the midwife for a checkup. My BP was good and I didn't have swelling or any other pre-e symptoms.......but there was protein in my urine. We sent some blood off to the lab just in case. I was dilated to a 3 but very soft and easily was stretched to a 4, but baby's head was riding so high in all the fluid that we couldn't even strip the membranes. My midwife said we needed some pressure on the cervix and things should get going. We decided to do a half recipe of a high protein castor oil shake to see if we could get enough contractions to get some movement. Her and I both didn't think it would start labor at all, we just hoped for a few good contractions and then would try a full dose the next morning after I'd gotten some sleep. I did the shake at about 4pm and never once had the runs. At about 8 pm I started having contractions with pain down low and then after an hour or so it was also in my lower back. We called the midwife about 10pm for an update and then just kept going. By 11 or 12 we decided to go in the big soaking tub in my mom's room- I never got out! It was the only way the contractions seemed managable so I just stayed in until baby came. The midwife arrived about 3am-ish I think and checked me- at a 7! Bag of waters was still intact and putting a lot of pressure on my cervix, making me feel a little 'pushy'. Everyone left the bathroom and Craig and I just kept rolling with the contractions. We'd been in the tub for about 4 or more hours by that time and usually dozed between contractions and then rolled with the waves as they came- about 55 seconds long every single one. I used low vocalization to deal with the pain and even though I felt a little silly, it was working and I didn't want to stop. Around 3:50am during a contraction I felt like, 'hmmm, if I push right now I know the water will break." I gave a light push and Craig and I heard the sound in the room, 'POP!' I could tell from Craig's expression that there was a major gush of water in the tub. From there it was almost a blur. Within seconds of my water breaking there was a head crowning. I panicked for a second and we yelled and screamed like crazy for everyone to get in the bathroom. I calmed my breathing as best I could and said "Jesus" during the contractions- it hurt! After only two pushes- and not me deciding to do it, my body just did it on it's own and I rolled with it- there was a head and I thought, "well what the heck let's just do this" so I pushed a little more and her body flew out! Granted it hurt and I was loud and wanted it over! She came out so fast that there wasn't even time for Craig to catch her. Labor start to finish was 8 hours, with about 4 hours of actual real pain and 5 minutes or less of pushing.

She is 9lbs 1oz, 21inches and as perfect as can be. I am amazed and proud of myself for delivering a 'big' baby at home and not even tearing. The fact that she came out in 2 pushes is incredible. To have this wet and covered in vernix baby placed on my chest was so special. She breathed right away and gave some small cries, but she was also peaceful and got the much needed time she needed skin-to-skin with mommy. We also let her umbilical cord keep pulsing and that was really cool to see and feel. Within 30 minutes we'd cut the cord and I delivered the placenta. At that point Craig had taken her out of the tub and went in to the cozy living room with a fire so I could deal with the placenta without baby on me.

She was awake and alert for 2 hours after her birth and nursed on each side 2x. She's been sleeping like crazy since then and getting colostrum when I can wake her enough to do so :) I've already cut her fingernails that were super long and laughed at how much more laid back I am this time. I was terrified for a week to cut Eliana's nails!

Alright, this is all for now- wanted to get basic details down now and will be more specific later on when time and brain allow.

I'm seriously SO grateful to God for the birth He gave us. It was an incredible experience and I see so much how our bodies know what they need to do and what they want to do. I can't imagine ever having a baby in a hospital again unless there was a major need. Even how alert and yet peaceful baby is is really incredible.

I'm sort of in shock that I actually got my homebirth and not only that- my waterbirth! Baby's heart tones never had any issues and she literally flew out of me pink and healthy. I feel a million times better than I did after having Eliana.
 Thank you Jesus!


  1. What an amazing birth experience. YOU DID IT!!! Im so happy for you. And your baby girl, is beautiful beyond words... Much Love lady! NOw get some rest, the fun begins!!

  2. I'm so proud and in awe..... God is good!

  3. Congratulations Diana, Craig and Eliana! We are so excited to celebrate the arrival of your daughter/sister with you! She is blessed to be joining such a wonderful family! Welcome Baby we are so glad you have arrived! We are so thankful and filled with praise to read your beautiful birth story. Looking forward to watching you grown into an amazing woman!

    Congratulations with love,
    Stacie, Chris and elliott (typed by himself)