Friday, December 3, 2010

The name and why we chose it

Our little one has been named!

Evangeline Loretta Frazier (sometimes called Evie)

Within about 2 hours of her birth Craig and I both had a feeling this was her name, but we wanted to give it a day to think about it. We had a few pages of names ready and a top three names and Evangeline just really fit. The strange thing is that if we hadn't waited to meet her, see her, and see how the birth experience was, we probably wouldn't have picked Evangeline. Another name that I really liked meant Warrior. During my pregnancy that seemed appropriate because I learned so much about fighting for what matters to me and becoming a birth and baby warrior. But then my actual birth was so beautiful and peaceful that Warrior no longer seeemed to fit. Evangeline means "Messenger of Good News". Its root is in the word Evangelist/Evangel and it is said to have been first created by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1847 for his epic and still famous poem 'Evangeline'. She is to us most definitely a messenger of good news. All the healing and redemption I wanted, prayed for, and needed out of this birth God provided in such a powerful and yet extremely gentle way. As women our birth experiences become woven into the fabric of who we are- God knows this and designed this!

Loretta is my grandmother on my mom's side's first name. I have always loved and respected my grandma SO much. She is a Godly woman and a prayer warrior. Her and my grandpa started a school in Africa to give a whole village of children an opportunity to go to school and have food every day. She is generous, smart, funny, and now  has 19 (!!!!) great grandchildren (3 in just the last few months all birthed naturally). Her and my grandpa have been married well over 50 years and both are still active and involved in their church, community, and most importantly- family :) We had wanted to name a child after her for a long time but had troubles finding a first name that fit.....until Evangeline.

So, a big welcome to our beautiful messenger of good news!

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