Thursday, December 30, 2010

One month

Hello interweb posts are obviously not as frequent as they were prior to baby. Life is busy and it's a rarity to have two hands free and when I do I just want to go pee!  :)

Evangeline is officially 1 month old today. Part of me feels like she was just born and part of me feels like we've had her for years. She is definitely part of our family now and I can't imagine life without her. I'm already starting to forget what life was like with only 1 child. I miss the time I had with Eliana, but wouldn't trade that for our life now with Evangeline. We are a family unit now! Eliana is doing really well with the adjustments. We've done what we can to keep her routines the same; bathtime wed and sat night with daddy, nap times and nighttime with mommy, meals always at the table, etc. I think routines are important for children and the structure helps keep life normal when it could otherwise feel crazy.

Eliana has been basically obsessed with 'babies and owls'. Random, huh? lol. I hear about babies and owls ALL day long and it cracks me up. When she goes to bed she asks if I'll be back, if I'll pick her uppy, and if we can draw babies and owls. HAHA. When she is eating she pretends her bites are baby owls. Needless to say her 2010 Christmas Ornament from mommy and daddy was an owl :) Kids are so funny.

Every day with Evangeline keeps me on my toes. Yesterday she was SO fussy and irritable all day. She wouldn't stop crying and also wouldn't sleep. I'd get her to pass out, put her in the swing so I could pee and five minutes later she was crying her head off. So it went all day long until about 10pm. She slept for an hour and then was up crying again til midnight. Then she slept til 7am! Up for another hour and then slept another 1 1/2 hours. Today she has been pretty much just sleeping and eating. I'm curious what tonight will hold as far as sleep but I'm very grateful that she is not spending today crying like yesterday. It was completely exhausting. I was really looking forward to Craig coming home so I would have some help, but he ended up spending the night fixing the guts in our toilet since it was broken and we only have one toilet :( It was a crappy day- literally.

We seem to have hit our stride with breastfeeding. I think around the 3 1/2 week mark it finally felt 'easy'. Now at one month I don't really have to think about it. She latches pretty easily and I'm still not using a shield. The trick is making it to this point! So, if you are reading this and thinking of giving up- don't give up, it gets easier, I promise. For some it's only tough for a week, for some it's tough for 6-8 weeks. A successful breastfeeding journey is just that- a journey. Stick with it, it's the first of many challenges in parenting :)

The other night I got a blissful few minutes to go to the bathroom with no kids AND with the door closed (since Craig was home) and I was sitting there thinking, 'wow, this is heavenly'. And then I chuckled at the realization that to a mother a few minutes to go to the bathroom alone is about as peaceful as our day gets sometimes. When kids are crying, boobs are out all day feeding a baby, naptime is a failure, and there's no time to shower........3 1/2 minutes in the bathroom alone is HEAVEN. Such is the life of a mother :) So, kudos to us who give up our own peace and luxury for the sake of raising beautiful, healthy, Godly children!

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  1. Your comments bring back fond memories of raising you and your siblings and having a dear friend, Dee to share the comments above that you have posted.