Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I generally agree with the statement, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. That's why I haven't blogged in a little while :) Not that I always get that right. Clearly I've blogged angry, frustrated or very opinionated things. Life can be hard!

We have been in a tough spot regarding Evangeline's social security number. A certain person was supposed to send in the paperwork within days of her birth and it didn't happen until she was 6 weeks old (Jan 10th). Because we don't have her social we've been unable to get her DSHS health insurance (I know this sounds strange, but trust me, it's true). We've also been waiting for the reimbursement from my health insurance company for half of the midwife fee I already paid cash for. Turns out that hadn't been sent in either :( Then I started working on our taxes and realized I can't send in anything until we have Evie's social. I also was told by the pediatrician's office that in order to bring Evie in again I'll need to pay cash since they still have not been paid for the first 2 appointments (which circles back to having no social and therefore no insurance). ALL this because someone failed to do their job correctly.

I'm usually a pretty 'on top of it' kind of person. I don't like procrastination and sloppyness. I feel that if you commit to do something, you should do it, and if you don't plan on doing it let those involved know. SO, when something like this happens and my family is out literally thousands of dollars and cannot take our youngest to the doctor despite the fact that she's been up screaming for 3 nights in a row....it's maddening. Beyond that really. I can't even describe how angering it is! I am thinking and praying on the best way to deal with the situation to find resolution. Evie's social came yesterday (2 weeks after it was sent off for). I spent 45 minutes on hold with DSHS to add her and was told that I had to do an application. I responded, "I was told I specifically had to just call with her social and she would be added like her sister." The worker said, "Well whoever told you that must've thought that you had DSHS insurance for yourself." UM, no, I have never had DSHS insurance for myself. I wish! We don't qualify. Again, someone not doing a thorough job left me in the lurch. So I go to the website and tried literally 3 times to apply but the website server kept going down. I called DSHS again and waited another 10 minutes to be told I'll need to mail in an application and they have no idea why the website isn't working.

I feel frustrated about it because I should've had Evie's social 5-6 weeks ago and then she would've been added to insurance within her first month of life. Because of it getting sent in so late I am now scrambling and trying to get her covered asap so I can take her to the dr. Also, Costco has been holding a prescription for her for literally weeks (it should help with her tummy) since we can't afford to buy it without insurance.

Craig and I have a running joke about 'if something can go wrong, it will'. This kind of stuff seems to happen to us a lot. People make commitments and flake on us and I get stuck picking up the pieces. It makes us skeptical of people and their ability to follow through because we've been burned so much. Last fall I had switched insurance companies to save us money and it ended up being over 2 months of back and forth crap because people flaked and weren't doing their job. That time we were out hundreds of dollars. As a matter of fact we were told late October that a gift card to Azteca and somewhere else (Silver City I think?) was in the mail to make up for the issues....hmmm, we never received it. See what I mean? People are so shady! Some things just happen and are no one's fault. For instance, we traded in our Nissan Sentra for our 2001 Durango a month before Eliana was born. Well, in the following year it was in the shop every single month and sometimes 2x a month. I was stuck on the side of the road with a smoking and dead vehicle when Eliana was only 11 days old. It had to be towed and I had to wait with my newborn on the side of the road in late October. The Durango has been in the shop almost 20 times in the 2 1/2 years we've had it.

 In the 5 1/2 years we've been married we've faced a lot of hardship. Craig's son being taken out of state and then the court battle for visitation (not to mention the nightmare with child support), Craig's accident and the ensuing financial devastation, infertility treatments, Craig getting laid off, etc etc etc. A lot of that stuff was completely out of our control and we just had to hold on and go along for the ride. So when stuff like this happens that is completely avoidable it makes me crazy over the insanity of it. People don't follow through and yet they have no consquences for their actions. They still get paid for their job, whether or not they did it at all or did it right. Yet my family majorly suffers.

Sometimes it's like, can't someone just do their job right and not screw us over?! I know this all bothers me an extra dose because I am so organized. It's in direct opposition to my personality to just flake out on people.

I am praying DSHS reads the letter I put in with our application and someone sharp and on top of things will get it going quickly for us so my sweet baby will finally have insurance. And I guess I won't hold my breath for the gift cards that insurance company promised!

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